When you are looking at workflow automation solutions, a major issue is the deployment and the need to bring in a frequently busy IT department to handle the work. Many IT departments are heavily engaged in taking care of existing infrastructure, typically with 80% of their time, resources and budgetary allocation tied up in this, leaving a small slice of time, budget and resources available for projects.

Your workflow project may be a great idea, but it has to compete with other IT projects.

But what if you needed little to no IT involvement?

This is where HighGear’s no-code workflow automation platform is a pioneer in the Lean BPM industry.

HighGear is simple to deploy and does not require heavy IT involvement. There is no large-scale deployment over lengthy periods of time, with the added risk of being delivered over budget and overdue.

I recently had a conversation with a team member regarding a leading British banking institution. The bank was deploying IBM’s Blueworks across the business, however in one operational center handling business data and intelligence, the deployment was required urgently but had been scheduled for 6-9 months in the future. Worse, it quickly became apparent that that deployment timeline was in fact going to be 12-18 months.

The divisional head made a smart decision – he deployed HighGear.

Within ONE week, he had our demonstration version being used to create operational workflows and control task management. Upon actual deployment, the HighGear solution was rolled out to the 90 users in his department and quickly replaced the sticky notes and Excel spreadsheets then being used.

All of this was done without any IT involvement to deploy the solution, which is run using our SaaS offering.

As for IBM Blueworks?

His banking division had it implemented, but they still use HighGear for their workflow automation and task management needs.

It is possible to free yourself from the constrained resources of your IT department. You can have the workflow automation system you want, and you can free yourself to focus on what you do best – getting results and ROI.

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