Project workflow systems allow businesses to streamline and optimize business processes and they form a key component of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. They are especially powerful when combined with effective, collaborative task management functionality and real-time visibility on workflows.

Traditional project workflow solutions, particularly when they are part of a larger BPM solution, are notoriously expensive and frequently take a huge IT effort to deploy.

Even with a relatively smooth deployment, there are frequently issues and a sense of failure to meet organizational expectations. Closer to the norm is a huge cost, frequently more than anticipated, deployment headaches, a delayed operational launch timeline, plus delayed time to achieve positive ROI.

So what is the solution?

HighGear is currently successfully deployed by NASA, the US Food & Drug Administration, Royal Bank of Scotland, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and many more clients. Here are some of the common reasons why HighGear is chosen over traditional BPM competitors:

Freedom from the IT Department

HighGear is simple to deploy on-premise or in the cloud. There is no major IT involvement in deployment, though clients almost always involve IT as a sanity check on what the operational leadership is actually doing. Aside from this, IT is not needed to deploy HighGear, and even with an on-premise deployment, IT’s role is typically limited to setting up a server and little more. Time required for deployment is also minimal – HighGear can be deployed within weeks of making the purchasing decision.

Lower TCO than Traditional Workflow/BPM Solutions

HighGear typically costs around 20-30% of traditional BPM alternatives at the deployment stage, however this drops further when the low support costs and recurring licensing fees are added into the mix.

Fully Customizable

While HighGear functions as an out-of-the-box solution, it is fully customizable. Customizable in the sense that you can create workflows on the fly using HighGear as is, but also customizable from a coding perspective too. We have customers who have created operational workflows using just the demonstration version, and assigned staff to do real work using them. We also have customers who have engaged us in extensive customizations to integrate with their own in-house and 3rd party applications. HighGear can be customized however you wish, and with robust, rich APIs, it will work with anything.

User Adoption & Support

HighGear has an excellent track record of high and fast user adoption rates. It is simple to use, and we have many, many customers who are only too happy to talk about how great HighGear is in practice. Don’t believe me – talk to our customers! One of the main things our customers rave about is our outstanding support. We are a US-based company, and our dedicated support team is based in our Head Offices just outside of Washington D.C.

About Vaughn Thurman, CEO

Vaughn is HighGear’s founder and CEO, leading his team with passion and commitment to help customers streamline their operations. His pursuit of technical excellence is rooted in HighGear’s DNA and is the reason for its ongoing success.
With over 30 years of experience in enterprise technology, Vaughn has the knowledge and expertise needed to help companies drive better business practices. His dedication to superior customer service also ensures that HighGear’s platform remains focused on value creation and ease-of-use for everyday business users.
He is an active supporter and volunteer for various community charities, including the Frederick Rescue Mission. He’s a proud husband to his wife, Elizabeth, and a dedicated father to his six children. In his free time, Vaughn enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, and working on his farm in the Frederick area.

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