With many folks being forced to work remotely, we at HighGear decided to pull back the curtain to show how we are dealing with the challenges that come with remote work.

If you are used to working in an office, being forced to suddenly work remotely brings many unforeseen challenges. Being on the same page as your coworkers, knowing what to work on next, access to the proper information, and even the sheer loneliness of working from home can take a toll on anyone.

In this series of video interviews, HighGear employees will be sharing the systems, tools and techniques we are using to stay focused, stay connected, and have clarity across our entire team. Tools for video conferencing, file sharing, and project management as well as how we complete specific tasks will be covered. Don’t worry… this won’t be a technical onslaught. We will make it user friendly and we will try to make it fun along the way!

Watch the next Work From Home video below:

Part 2: Can you hear me now? And other hilarious lessons learned one week after working remote!

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