Typical task management solutions make you choose between powerful features or ease of use. Task management companies either provide simplicity so that the tool can be used by everyday business people (but not enterprise complexity), or they offer robust platforms to handle complex task management challenges, but are too difficult for non-technical people to use effectively. HighGear is the only platform that combines both power and ease of use. Let’s look at some familiar task management solutions and compare their strengths and weaknesses:


Jira is well known to IT teams because of its lengthy history of being used for bug tracking, although the product has morphed into a project management tool. However, Jira’s workflow capabilities are limited to simple rules, unless you install add-ons or write custom code, which forces your team to conform to how it works. HighGear is customizable down to the most granular level.


SmartSheet positions itself as a collaboration and business toolkit, including project tracking, document sharing and calendar management. SmartSheet competes with Microsoft Excel, Project and Sharepoint.

HighGear differs from SmartSheet in that it can be used for far more than task lists, and it is eminently scalable with built-in globalization functionality. HighGear supports true collaboration and idea sharing in a structured format using custom forms and messaging functionality, while ensuring timelines are adhered to and managers can see the status of work in near real-time.


Wrike offers powerful task management functionality, although it is not easy for non-technical people to use. IT support is necessary in practice, which doesn’t meet the needs of a low-cost, fast workflow and business application platform. Wrike is also heavily geared towards specific business departments, such as Sales and Marketing, as opposed to a enterprise-wide work management platform. HighGear is a much more powerful and versatile task management platform, which is easy for non-technical people to design simple to complex workflows that scale. HighGear is an enterprise-grade system, which means you can bring your entire organization under the same umbrella, no matter where your people, resources and processes operate around the world.


Designed with remote workforces in mind, Basecamp is a web-based project management solution, with to-do lists, milestones, messaging, time tracking and file sharing. It is used extensively by small to medium-sized businesses, teams and freelancers. Unlike Basecamp, HighGear delivers enhanced visibility into due dates and work status, resource utilization and work capacity at organizational down to individual detail. HighGear is a proven enterprise task management product that has been successfully deployed across large enterprises and government departments worldwide.


Trello is widely used across business verticals, such as real estate, marketing & web design, and software project management, as well as for personal use. Its “kanban board” user interface is intuitive, but does not allow much customization. As such, it is aimed at small teams rather than large enterprises looking to quickly develop and scale workflows and business applications. HighGear is able to handle more complex workflows than Trello, including the ability to manage work across large teams and entire departments. HighGear allows you to manage work at a much greater scale and collaborate within and between departments.


HighGear is the only enterprise task management solution that allows business analysts to rapidly build workflow applications without knowing how to code. HighGear is the only true no code workflow platform, which can be used by the business without requiring support from IT, although IT still retains control over security and integration, leaving business analysts, team leaders, and business stakeholders free to focus on discovery, design and deployment.

No other task management and workflow platform combines:

  • Visual Workflow Designer – Quickly create simple to complex workflows without the need for specialist coding or IT support.
  • Drag-and-Drop Form Builder – Easily design and deploy custom forms through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Task Management – Create and manage recurring tasks, automatically trigger workflows and tasks from incoming e-mail and track tasks and commitments across the entire enterprise.
  • Audit Trail – Track all system-wide changes for all users, along with dates, timestamps and a description of the changes.
  • CRM & Asset Management – Securely manage all of your contacts and assets in one location
  • Enterprise-Grade Security – HighGear utilizes Role-Based Permissions and meets all major security standards including ISO, ITIL, NIST 800-53, SOX and SAS 70.
  • Reporting – Quickly create and automatically distribute custom reports that contain only the information that each recipient is entitled to access based upon their permissions.

About Vaughn Thurman, CEO

Vaughn is HighGear’s founder and CEO, leading his team with passion and commitment to help customers streamline their operations. His pursuit of technical excellence is rooted in HighGear’s DNA and is the reason for its ongoing success.
With over 30 years of experience in enterprise technology, Vaughn has the knowledge and expertise needed to help companies drive better business practices. His dedication to superior customer service also ensures that HighGear’s platform remains focused on value creation and ease-of-use for everyday business users.
He is an active supporter and volunteer for various community charities, including the Frederick Rescue Mission. He’s a proud husband to his wife, Elizabeth, and a dedicated father to his six children. In his free time, Vaughn enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, and working on his farm in the Frederick area.

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