HighGear is the Lean BPM pioneer, delivering the power of BPM directly into the hands of business people without the need for specialist coding or technical skills.

But what does this really mean?

It means business analysts, process improvement professionals, team leaders and managers can make changes to business processes and workflows, and push them into a live operational state without the need for your IT department, specialist external partners, coders or developers to get involved.

HighGear is now offering FREE HighGear Administrator & BPMS training at our headquarters in Frederick MD.

The course lasts for 4 days and will run from March 21-24, 2016, and provides an excellent opportunity for non-technical and technical professionals to hone their BPM skills in a practical way using a Lean BPMS (HighGear).


The course will take candidates through basic and advanced concepts, including:

  • System configuration
  • Visual workflow and process design within a BPMS
  • Agile process creation and continuous improvement
  • Task management concepts
  • Resource and staff allocation and utilization
  • Contact and asset management
  • Basic systems integration e.g. importing data from legacy systems such as Excel spreadsheets (without IT support or specialist dev skills)
  • BI & Reporting (course time permitting)
  • Compliance policy enforcement

Attendees will be Administrator trained in the use of HighGear as a Lean BPM tool, gaining a hands-on understanding of the application of a Lean BPM tool to business process management situations, and passing students will gain HighGear Lean BPM Certification.

If you are looking to gain or improve your BPM skills, gain insight into a leading BPMS tool, or considering possible solutions for process management, compliance, workflow and task management issues, then this is an ideal course for you and your team.

Course Location & Dates

Training is held at our headquarters in Frederick MD.

Course date is March 21-24, 2016.


Limit of 2 seats per company;
Offer does not include travel and accommodation (breakfast and lunch are provided); and
Offer expires 1/31/2016.

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