We often hear from HighGear customers who have found some obscure feature in HighGear that made their jobs easier or saved them some time. That usually leads to an interesting discussion about other tips and tricks to make HighGear serve their needs even better. We asked a few of our team members to add their own favorite features to this list and here is what they said:

Josh Yeager, Chief Operating Officer
My two favorite hidden features are the Activity Log page and the right-click option to start a timer in the task list. The Activity Log page lets you choose a date range and see all of your HighGear sessions between those dates, and then drill in and see the specific actions and changes that you did in each session. The right-click start timer option is even simpler. You just right-click on any task or project in your list, choose a timer category, and click Start Timer.

Josh Clark, Software Engineer, Professional Services Team
As a member of our Professional service team, I receive most of my work requests through e-mail. To keep track of the requests I create tasks in HighGear. In the past it was difficult searching Outlook history for e-mails related to a HighGear task. The new attached file feature eliminates this problem, by allowing me to quickly copy emails from my inbox into HighGear. I’ve found a very useful technique that only takes a few seconds to perform. I discovered that an e-mail in Outlook can be dragged to the desktop which creates a file containing a copy of the e-mail. I can then drag that file into HighGear’s attached file field. Then, when I need to view the e-mail related to the HighGear task I can easily see which e-mails are related to the task.

Mark Porter, Product Manager, HighGear Product Development Team
I spend a lot of time using the task list in HighGear. There are a few small features that we’ve included to make life a bit easier. While working on several tasks at the same time, I often want to open those tasks in separate browser tabs instead of one at a time. We’ve provided a link target on the task icon so that you can middle-click or ctrl+click to open that record in a separate tab. Another thing I often want to do is copy text for a task directly from the list page. Most people know that you can move a task to a different project by dragging it vertically in the list. However, you can still select text by dragging horizontally over the text you want to copy. Given the amount of time I spend in HighGear, these little tricks can save a lot of time.

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