Craig Reid The Process Revolution front coverCraig Reid is known as The Process Ninja to some of Australia’s leading financial institutions, though personally, I call him Yoda due to a scary Star Wars character impression he does. He also heads up the Process iGroup consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, and has over 20 years of process consulting experience with some of the largest financial organizations in the APACs region.

No matter what you call him, his new book, The Process Revolution, is an excellent read for anyone involved with the Digital Transformation of their organization, or indeed business improvement generally.

Craig’s book tackles practical problems and Big Picture issues in a series of vignettes which show why we need process, the benefits for getting process right, and of course, what happens when we get it wrong (and the lessons to be learned from both success and failure).

Craig is not just passionate about process per se, but also in the delivery of tangibly improved Customer Experience (CX), and you’ll find this readily apparent as he draws on his experiences with clients.

This is not a “how to” book of methodology and tools, but tackles the “why” your organization must take to leverage business process improvement.

If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the business reasons for adopting process improvement as a mindset, then this is the book you need to read first. Once you’ve read The Process Revolution, make sure you give it to your boss and their boss, because if you’re looking to gain buy-in from executive leadership, even those who are reluctant or downright hostile to BPM and process improvement initiatives, this is the book you ask them to read first too.

About Juli Bark, CMO

As HighGear’s Chief Marketing Officer, Juli’s objective is to expand the company’s global footprint through high-performance growth programs that are focused on delivering value at every stage of a customer’s journey.
Her sales and marketing leadership has spanned a number of industries including technology, medical devices, eCommerce and financial services. Over the course of Juli’s 30-year career, she has accelerated growth for large cap companies such as Baxter and KPMG and for smaller P/E backed ventures such as BioTissue. She has also led brand transformations for acquisition-focused companies liek ASX-traded Computershare and Omnyx - a JV of GE Healthcare and the University of Pittburgh Medical Center.
When not driving brand value for HighGear, Juli enjoys spending time on landscape and architectural photography as well as travel.

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