In our latest case study video, Cynthia Miller, Project Manager for Media Fusion, a prime contractor at NASA’s headquarters, talks about how her company was able to increase efficiencies and their production of creative materials through the use of HighGear Project Management Software.

Video Script:
Media Fusion, Inc. is the prime contractor for the communications support services center here at NASA headquarters. What that means is we handle all the printing and graphics, the web design, animation, video production, we create physical models and we do exhibits. So pretty much if there is any graphics or design work that’s to be done here, we do it.

We decided to go with HighGear because when we took over this contract initially, we had a rather obsolete database that we were trying to track all of our work through. And it just wasn’t sufficient for the new requirements of our contract. And after about a year and a half, on this contract, we were just piling up with paperwork that had to go into this antiquated system and we took so long to try to change it that we decided it wasn’t within our needs.

Using the HighGear system has allowed us to reduce the time it takes to get a product back to our customer. It’s reduced the need for paper forms, so we’ve been able to reduce printing costs. It’s allowed us to track metrics so we can tweak our workflows and be more efficient with the cost of the products. And report back to NASA what they are actually paying for the product, which they’ve haven’t been able to do in the past.

We love using the HighGear system. I’m the program manager so I use it differently than our production staff, because I am constantly going in and creating Ad Hoc reports, looking at the metrics, go back and see where we’re sliding off in production, where we need to add more staff. I wasn’t able to do that in the past. I had a sense of where we needed to improve, but this gives me the factual data that I need to be able to go back to my management and ask for more funding, or to get processes approved so we can continue to do bigger and better jobs for NASA.

We recommend HighGear every change we get. I’m constantly giving demos to other groups within the building, because it has been so successful for us. So yes, I would definitely recommend the software.

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