Crisis Response 

Many organizations have been thrust into working as distributed teams without warning. This has challenged business process and the orchestration of work in unprecedented ways. HighGear’s clients are navigating these difficult times with clarity. We want to share this with the market, yet we are also sensitive to the current difficulty in making financial or time commitments, or learning new solutions. And who wants to put something up in a hurry that won’t stand the test of time?

That’s why we are making our entire library of templates free, as well as the support necessary to get them installed and configured quickly. With HighGear you’ll build enterprise-grade workflow applications within hours, without writing code. Template examples include incident tracking, case management, crisis response, reporting and more, ready to be managed by distributed teams around the globe. 

Qualified customers* will receive a 50% competitive upgrade discount between the date you order and until 90 days after the state of emergency ends, in your area. This discount includes HighGear Support!  

Template Examples

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The software solutions featured on this web page should not be confused with those CRM solutions sold under the mark HIGHERGEAR, found here.

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“Everything is controlled in HighGear. More than 12,000 tasks are workflow-generated each month. There’s no way we could manage that volume by hand.”

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Design Processes

Quickly design, deploy and change custom business processes in minutes not months with our intuitive visual workflow designer. 

Create Custom Forms 

Use the drag-and-drop Form Builder to create custom fields, design form layouts and publish forms for data collection.

Assign Tasks

Quickly assign tasks, manage work, track progress and report the status of activity across dozens of departments in real-time.

Streamline Operations

View real-time reports that show the status of operations at all times to identify work bottlenecks and improve performance.

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