What is the cost of managing high volumes of compliance tasks through spreadsheets, email, and subpar legacy applications?

Does your organization encounter any of these challenges?

  • High labor costs to track project details
  • Difficult time remembering when something was completed
  • Inability to keep track of high volumes of requests, jobs, and tasks
  • Risk of losing valuable knowledge only stored in someone’s head
  • Wasted time spent looking for documentation and artifacts
  • Difficult to train new hires on how the process should work
  • Do not have visibility into number of tasks in progress, who is responsible, due dates, or status

Business costs of these pain points include:

  • Excessive labor costs & overstaffing
  • Audits that generate red flags or fail outright
  • Poor decision making
  • Impaired ability to manage projects efficiently
  • Organizational friction

HighGear’s configurable templates make it easy to rapidly deploy and securely manage work at scale.

Project Management Procedures and Checklist Overview Template

How HighGear’s Project Management Procedures and Checklist Template Will Help You 

End to End Process Automation

Rapidly deploy and manage projects, tasks, approvals, and automatically generate an audit ready state.

  • Easy setup and launch of large, complex projects
  • Manage cross-department work activities, reviews, and ppprovals
  • Automatically ensure policies and procedures are followed
  • Full traceability
  • Automatic notifications, alerts & escalations
  • Integrate with enterprise business applications (ERP, CRM, RPA, HRIS)

Operational Excellence

Increase efficiency across your organization.

  • Increase staff productivity between 30% – 150%
  • Easily capture and display all information including project documentation and artifacts
  • Information is organized, easily accessible, and available when needed
  • Systematize procedures to make it easy for users to manage work and meet policy objectives
  • Enable project managers to focus on higher value priorities by eliminating manual activities

Status Tracking and Reporting

Track status and report KPIs across all project activities.

  • Real-time project and task visibility
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Escalations and alerts
  • Effective activity prioritization & delegation
  • Work-oriented team chat & collaboration

Audit and Compliance

HighGear automatically provides a non-repudiated audit trail for all processes.

  • Full audit trail
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Decrease audit time and expenses
  • Successful audit outcomes achieved
  • Every change performed by individuals or integrated systems are recorded

HighGear’s No-Code Workflow Platform

Enables Management of Any Process

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