About Vaughn Thurman, CEO

Vaughn serves as HighGear’s CEO and leads his team of Workflow Champions with honesty, integrity and an unwavering commitment to help customers streamline operations. His dedication to providing superior customer service and passion for technical excellence is a permanent part of HighGear’s DNA.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Vaughn has been working with enterprise technology for close to 30 years. In 1998, Vaughn founded Swift Systems, an IT managed services provider and data center operator in the Washington, D.C. region that serves local, national and international clients.

Vaughn spun out his second startup, Swift Software, in 2003 after an internal software development effort to streamline operations for his rapidly growing IT services business, which led to the creation of HighGear (formerly known as JobTraQ). HighGear’s no-code workflow platform was designed to empower non-programmers and everyday business users to develop scalable, easy-to-use, web-based solutions that met enterprise-grade security, authentication and integration requirements.

Vaughn served in the United States Air Force during the Gulf War, supporting aerospace guidance and control systems. He attended the Air Force University Electrical Engineering program, graduating with honors.

He is an active supporter and volunteer for various community charities including serving as a mentor and teacher at a local favorite, The Frederick Rescue Mission, and serves on the board for various local charitable interests and technology associations.

Vaughn enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, including on his boat in the Chesapeake Bay. Vaughn and his wife of 20 years, Elizabeth, are raising 6 children who currently range in age from 5 to 19.

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