HighGear Case Studies

Learn How Our Customers Use HighGear

Global Investment Operations

A trillion-dollar investment management firm migrated global fund operations into HighGear by consolidating three fund services business lines into a single shared services team.

Energy Pipeline Commitment Tracking

One of the largest energy companies in North America with more than 50,000 miles of pipeline depends on HighGear to manage commitment tracking and regulatory reporting.

High-Speed Internet Provider

A high-speed internet provider deployed HighGear to accelerate the router deployment process to enhance its gigabit-speed network across 11 states in the south and midwest.

Specialty Insurance Provider

Beazley, a global specialist insurer, scaled the volume of U.S. underwriting operations by integrating HighGear’s no-code workflow automation with its core underwriting platform.

Regulatory, Compliance and Risk Management

A risk management consulting firm implemented a powerful new workflow solution in under 8 weeks, that enabled them to grow their client base by over 700% without significantly increasing staff size and without sacrificing quality.

Digital Publication Processes

A digital asset management platform provider deployed HighGear to automate the process of converting books and magazines to digital-friendly formats for worldwide distribution.

K-12 Speech Therapy Services

A state educational co-op deployed HighGear to automate the process of tracking K-12 therapy services to decrease costs and increase revenue from Medicaid reimbursements.

Financial Regulatory Compliance

cfX implemented HighGear’s no-code workflow automation platform to demonstrate that affordable Housing Finance Agencies were in compliance with SEC and MSRB regulations.

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