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Put the industry’s most powerful visual workflow engine to work for your enterprise with intuitive, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools that don’t require programming, development or coding skills.

Entry Node

The beginning point of every new task or project to start your workflow.

Decision Node

A conditional statement of whether something happened or not.

Action Node

Changes the value of a task or project or sends a notification to a colleague.

Exit Node

The end point of a task or workflow that is used to signify the completion of a task.

At the heart of HighGear is simplicity. It only takes four elements to build a basic workflow in HighGear. Beyond these foundational basics is the ability to build highly complex workflows.

Workflow Sections

Create color-coded sections to highlight, label and monitor the performance of each stage of your workflow. Sections make it much easier to document your process and describe how your workflows function at a high level.


Workflow Analytics

Gain detailed visibility into the volume and duration of tasks in each stage of your workflow. Quickly see how many tasks and projects are being worked, how long they have been active and how many are waiting in each section.

Process Mapping

HighGear users are able to build simple or complex workflows and easily map out their business processes. It’s simple to select, copy and paste workflow nodes and lines between different workflows and even pan and zoom between different workflow sections.

Good Manufacturing Process Template

Financial Transaction Compliance Process

Insurance Workflow

Procurement Request Workflow

IT Operations Workflow

New Hire On-boarding Workflow

Request Management Workflow

Process Templates

Access 40+ workflow templates customizable to your industry or enterprise. HighGear Administrators are able to quickly select and easily modify dozens of workflow templates with real-world application to your business.

Enterprise-Grade Workflow Application

Easily Create Forms, Design Processes
and Automate Workflows

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

Put Your Workflow in HighGear

HighGear’s visual workflow engine can easily handle simple or complex real-world business processes that cross multiple departments and disciplines and engage both internal and external resources:

Process Template Examples

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