Privacy Policy

Contact Data Provided for Marketing:

HighGear may use contact information provided by you through our website, at trade shows, or through other marketing activities, for the purposes of following up on your inquiries and for otherwise contacting you in the future to inform you about our products and services, including product and service updates, promotions and other announcements. 

Occasionally, we may also contact you to inform you about related products or services offered by our partners or affiliates, provided we feel they are of real value to you.

However, we do not sell or provide your contact information directly to those partners, or to any outside organizations – unless they are specifically retained to contact you on our behalf and have also agreed to operate within our privacy policy.  Simply put, we hate getting spam, so we won’t waste your time by sending you any, nor will we share your contact information with anyone who would.

Task and Contact Data within HighGear:

Should you become a HighGear customer, we have a simple policy regarding our client’s data.  It is your data, and we respect that.  We will not share your data, or knowingly reveal it to any outside party unless you direct us to do so, in writing. 

This policy applies specifically to your task and contact data, which is the heart of what HighGear manages for you.  This policy also applies regardless of whether you:

a.) run our software on your own equipment and may need our support team to examine your data, or

b.) subscribe to our hosted and managed “Software as a Service” offering where we host your data on our systems. 

Our entire staff is trained to understand that the data contained within the jobs and contacts tables (i.e. your tasks and your contacts) must never be shared, or even handled insecurely. 

If we do need to examine your data in order to diagnose an issue or help you decide how to enhance your configuration, we still adhere to our strict information security procedures and make sure that data is handled as we would handle our own critical information – securely and discretely. 

While we may collect certain anonymous patterns and statistics in order to help us better understand usage and performance characteristics and to otherwise improve our products, that data is anonymous, aggregated so that it can not be attributed back to your organization, and never includes your private information (i.e. any of the contents of your jobs and/or contacts records). 

We understand that the information contained within your tasks and contacts is very important to you and so we commit to you that we will never collect or share that data.

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