How To: Integrate Okta with HighGear for Single Sign-On

One of HighGear's powerful Enterprise-only features is SAML 2.0 integration. SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language and allows you to give your users a Single Sign-On experience in HighGear. This support article will explain how to integrate Okta with your...

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How To: Point HighGear to a new Database Server

This article will explain how to point the HighGear web server to a new database location. Please follow this process precisely as described in this document. There is no danger of data loss or corruption on the source server, but the destination server will not...

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How To: Delete Users in HighGear

It is inevitable that a HighGear user will need to be deleted so that they no longer have access to HighGear. Fortunately, HighGear is able to handle such a situation without losing any data that the user was working on. This means that any data including tasks, audit...

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Installation: HighGear Software System Requirements

The following is a basic set of minimum requirements for the HighGear server system. A more advanced coverage of the topic and a checklist is available in the HighGear Installation Requirements Checklist support document. Server Software Supported Operating Systems...

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Installation: HighGear Software Installation Instructions

Check the System Requirements and ensure the system is operating correctly. Close any running applications. Run HighGear Setup, and follow the prompts. If you want to install HighGear with a separate database server, you should run the setup program on the web server....

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