Why HighGear?

The HighGear Difference


HighGear is the industry's most powerful and secure no-code workflow engine, purpose-built to allow everyday business users to design, automate and change simple to complex business processes and distribute real-time dashboards without knowing how to code.


HighGear allows business users to rapidly build powerful workflow applications in minutes, not months. Customers are able to build and publish entire processes without programming, development or waiting for available IT resources. 


HighGear provides organizations with immense flexibility to customize business processes on-demand, using visual, drag-and-drop tools to make changes as needed in record time without coding, compiling or re-writing underlying application logic.

HighGear is the only visual no-code platform empowering business analysts, managers, and technically creative subject matter experts to rapidly and safely build, manage and integrate enterprise-grade workflow applications.

Regulated organizations use HighGear to quickly create their own highly-tailored workflow applications that drive adoption and results, instead of being forced to adapt to pre-built software or adding to the IT backlog for homegrown solutions.

Who Uses HighGear?

The world’s leading companies depend on HighGear to manage work, improve visibility, streamline operations, meet compliance requirements and achieve digital transformation.

Business Analysts

Business analysts easily create forms, automate workflows and define analytics by launching new enterprise workflow applications in record time, all by themselves.

Business Teams

Business teams use these applications to quickly assign tasks, manage work, track progress and report the status of activity across dozens of departments in real-time.

IT Professionals

IT easily controls authentication,  integrates with internal or external systems and approves of HighGear’s enterprise-grade security, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Built for Speed

It doesn’t take long to get where you’re going when you put your business processes and custom workflows in HighGear. Because our truly no-code workflow platform is so easy-to-use by non-technical business users, customers are able to design and deploy powerful line-of-business applications for their departments in record time. Why wait months or years to develop custom applications in-house, when HighGear can have you up and running in days or weeks.

Plenty of Power

What’s that you say? Drag-and-drop workflow tools don’t pack a punch? Prepare to be blown away. Where other no-code workflow platforms sacrifice power for ease of use, HighGear delivers the best of both worlds, leaving other no-code and low-code application platforms in the dust. There’s enough horsepower under this hood to put your most complex workflows through their paces and still have enough left in the tank for your team to take a victory lap.


Most no-code platforms are built for small- to mid-sized businesses. Simple workflows. Basic processes. Cookie-cutter templates. But global enterprises demand more from their software. HighGear is purpose-built from the ground up to support powerful workflows, design complex processes and meet enterprise-grade security, authentication and integration requirements. Which means HighGear checks all the boxes your internal IT department needs for you to not only take it out for a spin, but even park it in the garage.

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