Professional Business Process Design

Take HighGear to the Next Level

HighGear empowers you to manage your solutions, but our Professional Services Team is always on hand to design custom business processes or deliver rapid, turn-key deployments.

1. Discover

Our team works with you on-site or remotely to understand your needs and requirements.

2. Design

Our team works with you to diagram your business interactions and design efficient processes.

3. Document

Our analysts annotate your new processes to meet audit, policy and training requirements.

4. Deploy

Our team deploys your new workflows to replace manual processes and improve efficiency.

1. Discover Requirements

The discovery process usually begins when our business analyst is sent on-site to a customer’s office for a few days to discuss their process in detail or can also be done remotely. There is often a lot of debate between different people, teams and departments to determine how best to standardize the process. This typically takes a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the needs of the customer, the availability of customer stakeholders and the complexity of the process.

2. Design Processes

Once the initial process discovery session is complete, our Professional Services Team analyzes your business operations and recommends best practices to transform your everyday interactions into well-defined business processes. Our Workflow Champions are well-versed in building data models, creating forms, designing processes and defining analytics requirements to meet the ongoing reporting and compliance needs of your enterprise or industry.

3. Document Processes

After thoroughly reviewing your business processes, our Professional Services Team formally documents and diagrams the recommended business process within the HighGear platform for your review and approval. The final process is broken down into a series of actions, decisions and swim lanes of responsibility so everyone understands what is supposed to happen by whom and by when, based on every possible outcome in the automated workflow.

4. Deploy Improvements

Once your business process has been approved, our Professional Services Team builds the necessary forms and fields in HighGear, converts the draft diagrams into custom workflows and tests the process for final implementation. Our team works directly with your HighGear Administrators to address any questions and concerns, troubleshoot any unexpected errors and ensure that your final workflow is accurate, easy to use and ready to roll out to your users.

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