Business Process Management

Design custom business processes without the cost or complexity of traditional BPM solutions.

The Best of BPM in Minutes Not Months

Quickly design, deploy and change business processes with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform purpose-built for everyday business users to manage their own processes without burdening their IT departments.

Powerful Platform

Consider a proven platform that is more powerful than pre-built software and less complex than BPM solutions.

Affordable Alternative

Choose an affordable BPM alternative that is more cost effective to buy than to build a homegrown IT solution.

Rapid Deployment

Achieve faster time-to-market with our cloud-based platform or deploy our IT-friendly, on-premise solution.

Visual Workflow

If you can draw a business process on a piece of paper, you can design a working business process in HighGear. Businesses analysts are able to easily design processes from scratch, modify workflows in response to customer needs and push changes to production immediately without requiring IT resources.

Drag-and-drop tools to create a business process application within minutes.
Easily create forms and custom fields.

Drag-and-Drop Forms

Instead of waiting weeks or months for a homegrown IT application or off-the-shelf BPM solution, HighGear Administrators can quickly create custom forms with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools to easily capture the information they need from stakeholders.

Easy to Use

HighGear was built from the ground-up to be easy for business users to maintain without extensive IT administration or support. HighGear’s simple, intuitive, out-of-the-box user experience makes it easy to train new users and ensure widespread adoption.

Intuitive solution.

Easy to Deploy

HighGear’s scalable, web-based platform is available as an IT-ready, on-premise solution or hosted, cloud-based SaaS subscription and is deployed in less than a tenth of the time of a traditional BPM solution.

Enterprise-Grade Workflow Application

Easily Create Forms, Design Processes
and Automate Workflows

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

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