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Quickly build integration with no code using HighGear or Zapier.
No time to do the integration yourself? Our Professional Services team can build custom integrations with your internal systems or homegrown IT solutions:

1. Define Requirements

Our team works with you on-site or remotely to understand your needs and requirements.

2. Deliver

Our team puts together a detailed budget, timeline and development plan that meets your needs.

3. Develop

Our team develops your new custom module or integration based on your requirements.

4. Implement Solution

Our team implements your new custom module or integration to enhance your workflow capabilities.

Custom Integration Example:

Our Professional Services team developed a custom integration between HighGear and the customer’s PeopleSoft ERP and Microsoft Active Directory systems.

Instead of manually updating HighGear user permissions, HighGear Administrators were able to have users added or removed automatically based on ERP specifications and assigned permissions based on Active Directory access control settings.

Our custom integration solution also allowed customers to override contact configurations using HighGear and even force syncs outside of the normal schedule, without writing code, requiring IT involvement or connecting to other systems.

1. Define Requirements

The requirements process begins when our Professional Services team receives a request from one of our customers to build a custom module or system integration to enhance their existing workflow capabilities. Our team conducts an initial requirement gathering meeting to document all of the business objectives, in-depth requirements and technical specifications that our team will need to design a solution to address the customer’s current and future needs. 

2. Deliver Plan

After reviewing all of the requirements, our Professional Services Team begins building a detailed plan to develop the new module or system integration along with the expected budget, timeline and technical specifications. Our team works with your HighGear Administrator to ensure that all requirements are addressed and that your needs have been addressed in order for our team to begin work.

3. Develop Integrations

Once the project begins, the Professional Services Team begins development work on the custom module or system integration. Our team has designed custom dashboard widgets, custom reports and custom integrations with external systems based on customer requirements. Our team is often tasked with delivering custom functionality that allows HighGear Administrators to integrate their data and workflows with various internal and external systems.

4. Implement Solution

After development work is done, every project includes recorded hand-off meetings, supporting documentation and training on how customers will be able to configure, modify and maintain the solution using only the tools available in HighGear. Our team works directly with your HighGear Administrators, IT department or external vendors to address any questions or concerns, troubleshoot issues and ensure that your new solution is pushed into production. 

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