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Design custom business processes
and build enterprise-grade workflow applications in days!

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Get More Work Done in Less Time

Build custom workflow applications to meet your business requirements without hiring programmers, developing homegrown IT solutions or adapting to the limits of pre-built software. HighGear is your all-in-one workflow management solution built for building automated workflows to take your business processes to a higher gear.

Built for Business Users

Easily design, automate and manage custom workflows without coding skills or IT assistance.

Trusted by Management

Achieve real-time visibility across the entire enterprise with in-depth analytics and drill-down reporting.

Secure and Approved by IT

Gain buy-in for an IT-friendly platform that meets enterprise-grade security and authentication requirements.

Why HighGear?

HighGear offers power, speed, and flexibility. By choosing HighGear’s workflow management software platform, you will gain access to a powerful yet straightforward workflow tool that will allow you to build, automate, and manage business processes across all your organization’s departments.

Who Uses HighGear?

HighGear was built with business users in mind. As a no-code workflow management system, HighGear can work across all company levels, from hourly employees to project managers and senior-level stakeholders.

Boost Business Management with Visual Workflows

Who said that workflow management tools need to be complex? Choose HighGear to quickly design, deploy and change simple or complex business processes in minutes, not months, with an intuitive visual workflow designer and simple, drag-and-drop tools. Unlike low-code workflow platforms built for IT developers, HighGear is purpose-built to allow business users to automate and streamline processes through an intuitive yet powerful work management software platform.

Drag-and-drop tools to create a business process application within minutes.
Create custom notifications to your inbox, desktop, or text.

Create Custom Notifications to Track Progress and Improve Task Management

Once your workflows have been automated, HighGear helps your team enforce standard operating procedures, production schedules and project deadlines. Automatically receive notifications when a task is due and real-time reminders when a project is falling behind. By creating custom notifications, your team can manage multiple tasks at once, boosting productivity and efficiency across all business departments.

Manage Multi-Step Workflows Through Permissions

Stay on top of every step of your custom workflow. HighGear provides role-based access control and granular permissions to ensure team members, customers and stakeholders only see what they need to see. Easily control every stage of your workflow, ensure only the right people have access to sensitive data and ensure the correct procedure is followed each and every time your workflow executes.


Create custom role-based permissions across departments, workflows, forms and fields, and even on the dashboards.
Workflow management software compliance audit trail.

Enforce Compliance and Streamline Business Operations

HighGear helps organizations streamline operations by routing tasks and projects according to your specified business rules. Automatically ensure compliance with industry regulations by deploying HighGear as your trusted system-of-record, complete activity log and full audit trail. Create workflows, manage tasks, boost productivity, and improve document management to ensure you stay compliant with all your industry requirements.

In-Depth Analytics Tools for More Optimized Workflows

HighGear provides organizations with detailed information about how much time is spent in each stage of your workflow. Managers can reference these analytics to identify bottlenecks, optimize processes and continuously improve overall performance, ensuring each of their company’s gears works in harmony at all times.


Workflow software analytics. Reports in real time.

Enterprise-Grade Workflow Application

Easily Create Forms, Design Processes
and Automate Workflows

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way. Create automated workflows in minutes, manage projects and business processes with ease, and enforce compliance with all-in-one workflow management software. All that without any coding skills. HighGear was built with business users in mind, providing them with easy-to-use yet powerful workflow management software.


and shift your organization to a higher gear!

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