As digital transformation sweeps across the enterprise, organizations around the world are racing to reinvent themselves, evaluating new technologies to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, customer demands and competitive threats.

From AI and machine learning to robotic and digital process automation, an overwhelming number of new software solutions are available for CIOs, COOs and technologists to consider when planning their 2020 technology investments.

To help organizations determine which promising new technologies might yield the most business value, industry analyst firms, such as Forrester, frequently evaluate market categories to help enterprises simplify the software selection process.

On January 8th, for example, Forrester released its Q1 2020 Tech Tide™ Report on Intelligent Automation to help enterprise architects understand 19 technology categories in which organizations should maintain, divest, experiment or invest.

Digital Process Automation for Wide Deployments (DPA-Wide) was one of six categories in the “Invest” segment, because the high business value of “these new technologies have ripened to the point where enterprises can confidently invest.”

Forrester defines DPA-Wide as: “Platforms that provide low-code features to deliver digital process applications with strong process-modeling capabilities and the ability create and manage complex, long-running processes.”1

HighGear was recognized by Forrester as one of six sample DPA-Wide and states that DPA-wide “simplifies business users’ ability to define, orchestrate, and manage complex business processes with the help of low-code platforms.”

Given our 15-year track record of enterprise deployments, level of DPA-Wide market maturity and significant growth within the last year, the HighGear team is honored to receive attention and recognition from the Forrester analyst community.

According to Forrester, DPA-Wide technologies such as these “strike the balance between robust process, rapid development and low cost”2 and deliver increased agility, “flexibility and speed to enterprise digital transformation efforts.”

Forrester provides further rationale for DPA-Wide investments to meet the “demand for rapid development, fast realization of value and deep participation from business stakeholders [that] has led to a merger between process and low-code providers.”

In addition to DPA-Wide, other technologies in the “Invest” segment include Robotic Process Automation, Process Discovery and Process Mining. The latter two “help with the persistent pain point of finding the right process to automate.”

To learn more about DPA-Wide and other Intelligent Automation technology categories, “The Forrester Tech Tide™: Intelligent Automation, Q1 2020, Nineteen Technologies Underpin Intelligent Automation” is available for Forrester subscribers.

If your organization is interested in learning how digital process automation software can help your teams design processes, automate workflows and streamline operations, please schedule a demo or contact us today.

1. The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation For Wide Deployments, Q1 2019
2. The Forrester Tech Tide™: Intelligent Automation, Q1 2020

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