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Costly Consequences: Are Spreadsheets and Old Apps Slowing You Down?

Identifying Operational Roadblocks

Expensive or Inefficient Systems

  • ERP Limitations: Are you finding ERP systems prohibitively expensive or frustrating due to gaps in process coverage?
  • Tracking Challenges: How often do you struggle to keep up with changing customer demands due to outdated tools?
  • Inventory Management: Is poor inventory control leading to excess stock or critical shortages?
  • Coordination Woes: Do difficulties in production coordination and status updates stall your manufacturing processes?

Inefficiencies in Reporting and Compliance

  • Delayed Insights: Are delayed reports affecting timely decision-making and operational agility?
  • Traceability Gaps: How does the lack of traceability in your processes affect quality control and compliance?
  • Audit Concerns: Have recent audits revealed significant red flags or compliance issues that could risk your operations?

Quantifying the Business Impact

Costly Outcomes of Inefficiencies

  • Lost Opportunities: Are inefficiencies causing you to miss critical business opportunities, negatively impacting your market image?
  • Reduced Efficiency: How are outdated systems diminishing the productivity of your labor and machinery?

Growth and Organizational Impact

  • Revenue and Capacity Barriers: Is impaired operational capability hindering your ability to expand revenue streams and scale up production?
  • Decision-Making Delays: Are poor tools leading to inferior decision-making across your organization?
  • Organizational Friction: Does the use of outdated technology cause friction and impede smooth operational flow?

Customer Testimonials

We had interdependent processes without a system to connect them. With HighGear, we can manage those legacy, homegrown solutions that we’re comfortable with, and automate it in a much, much nicer way.


Bruce Lawrence

Business Analyst, Ellwood National Forge

Prior to having HighGear, we could not report the value of the workload that we were doing in engineering. Once we implemented HighGear and we started showing the report capabilities, the dashboards, people started understanding.

Don Thomas

Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HighGear is very good at giving everybody the information they need in the way they need it. There’s all the foundational aspects of HighGear, which are all great, but ultimately the ability to communicate that to all the people on the team is what’s really impactful.

Dale Martin

Operations Manager, Claylick Fabrication

How is HighGear Different?

Efficiency and flexibility have never been more crucial, but traditional workflows struggle to keep up. From the back office to the factory floor, HighGear’s no-code workflow management system helps you streamline operations, boost efficiency, track the data you need, and never miss a reporting deadline.

End to End Process Automation

Rapidly deploy and securely manage end to end processes.

  • Manage Cross-department Work Activities, Reviews, and Approvals
  • Full traceability
  • Visual Drag and Drop Workflow Designer
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Notifications, Alerts & Escalations
  • Integrate with Enterprise Business Applications (ERP, CRM, RPA, HRIS)

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

Operational Excellence

Increase efficiency across your organization.

  • Easily setup and schedule jobs
  • Track jobs from quote to first article, to shop floor, to customer delivery
  • Enhance quality management
  • Reduce manufacturing costs and cycle time
  • Information is organized, easily accessible, and available when needed

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

Status Tracking and Reporting

HighGear dashboard showing graphs and a list of jobs in production

Quickly assign tasks, manage work, track progress status, and report KPIs across departments.

  • Real-time project and task visibility
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Escalations and alerts
  • Effective activity prioritization & delegation
  • Work-oriented team chat & collaboration

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

Audit and Compliance

HighGear provides a non-repudiated record of compliance.

  • Every change from individual work history to system wide configurations is recorded
  • Full audit trail
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Decrease audit time and expense
  • Successful audit outcomes achieved

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

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What can HighGear do to accelerate your manufacturing process?

Hit the Ground Running with Pre-built, Configurable Process Templates

built for business users

Discrete Manufacturing Template


Manufacturing Job Setup Template

approved by IT

Materials Lab Test Request Management Template

approved by IT

Quote Management for Manufacturing Template

We have developed a library of process templates to fit just about any business use case. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact our Sales team about getting a template developed specifically for your process.

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