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Forrester provides an overview of  Collaborative Work Management tools – Highlights technology value and product capabilities across 25 vendors, including HighGear.

Most organizations are pursuing some form of digital transformation strategy to reinvent themselves, including business process improvement initiatives that require increased cross-functional collaboration to achieve success.

Forrester reports, “Digital transformation is now standard operating procedure for organizations: 66% of global services decision makers say their firms are currently involved in a digital transformation that requires greater cross-functional collaborative work, which means that teams are collaborating more than ever”.

Companies around the globe are now telling staff to work from home in a bid to stem the spread of COVID-19, placing even greater demands on collaborative work management.  Remote working on such a scale is unprecedented and will have a lasting impact on the way people work for many years to come.

Forrester defines Collaborative Work Management (CWM) tools as: “Software tools that support the confluence of project and process work by allowing users to create personal and team workspaces; invite other users, internal and external to the organization, to collaborate on digital artifacts; identify workload requirements and capacity; and allocate activities to other users to deliver on work items and then track progress.”

CWM software providers can deliver a wide range of functions across a mix of product offerings, configured as point solutions to product suites to platforms, including business process automation, collaboration, control and reporting applications.

The urgency to adopt and implement these tools has never been greater, overwhelming IT budgets and resources. The COVID-19 Pandemic intensifies this demand favoring CWM software implemented that can be deployed with no-code features, significantly accelerating the time it takes to implement these collaboration solutions.

HighGear was identified by Forrester as one of eight CWM Platform Solution providers that come “… as part of a larger platform solution, not standalone, and offer an integrated approach to CWM. Product capabilities are a value-add to drive greater collaboration and transparency at the enterprise level”.

The HighGear team is very pleased to be considered by Forrester in this group of industry providers.

HighGear is a hybrid solution offering both collaborative work management applications embedded within an intuitive no-code workflow platform that empowers business leaders and analysts to build and deploy scalable workflow management solutions in days.

As a digital process automation software platform, HighGear, has built a 15-year track record of enterprise deployments with its no-code platform. HighGear allows enterprise IT departments to easily control authentication and integration, while also meeting enterprise-grade scalability, security and operational compliance requirements; essential for mission-critical processes. To learn more about us and how we could work with your organization to increase collaboration and productivity in days, without programming please schedule a demo or contact us today.


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