HighGear version 8.6 brings exciting new capabilities to business analysts that empower them to integrate HighGear with other systems more easily and in more sophisticated ways.

The first of these capabilities is a versatile new REST API. Representational State Transfer, or REST, is the industry standard best practice for web-based APIs and improves the integration experience over other approaches such as SOAP. Clients writing custom code to integrate their HighGear instance with other systems they use, such as an ERP system, will find REST easier to learn and simpler to work with. REST also has better support in a wider variety of languages and is a more prevalent software development skill.

In addition to the new REST API, HighGear 8.6 also deeply integrates with Zapier, a powerful, no-code cloud integration platform. As we planned our integration strategy, we want to support no-code integration for business analysts that need to quickly integrate their workflows with tools such as Slack, DocuSign, Google Sheets, and more. Zapier provides this via a catalog of 2,000+ apps that can be chained together to create flexible and powerful integrations that can automate any aspect of your business process.


Building the Zapier integration with HighGear consisted entirely of presenting HighGear’s REST API as Actions and Triggers in Zapier. Triggers ended up working automatically because you can paste a trigger URL from Zapier into a Workflow Web Request node. And we built Actions for each thing you need to do in HighGear from Zapier, such as Create Task, Update Task, Find Task, etc. Actions are also supported for HighGear contacts.

During the process of building our Zapier integration, we occasionally had to reach out to Zapier support with questions about integration details. They responded within a short timeframe and were helpful and polite.

HighGear 8.6 is coming this fall and once you upgrade your HighGear instance, you will immediately be able to take advantage of these potent new integration capabilities.

For example, you could build a Zap that uses a Salesforce trigger to update a contact or project in HighGear, followed by an email with a link to the updated record.


Zapier has a powerful and easy to use visual configuration system that empowers anyone with semi-technical experience to build the integrations and data flows they need. In addition, Zapier’s free tier allows as much experimentation as you want, where you can build your Zaps one step at a time as you trace how the systems interact. When you’re ready to deploy more complex Zaps with multiple steps, you can get a Zapier paid plan for a low monthly fee.

In future versions of HighGear, we will continue building on our integration strategy with more REST API functionality and even more comprehensive integration capabilities. In the meantime, HighGear 8.6 is a remarkable step forward in integration capabilities for business analysts using HighGear.


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