Do you rely on job management tools such as memory, Post-It notes or a whiteboard? Does this sound like your work experience right now – you run the various tasks and jobs associated with your workflows using a variety of ‘reminder’ tools – a whiteboard, Post-It notes, emails, spreadsheets/Excel, and the memory capacity of yourself and your team. How often do you miss vital work items that need to get done to meet a delivery deadline? How frequently do you have people wandering around trying to find work documentation they need to continue with a task? Don’t you wish you could just see at a glance where the status of a particular piece of work is at?

Enterprise Task Management

Enterprise task management software ensures that tasks, related resources and your people are brought together in a collaboration that increases work organization and productivity. More than this, automating your work management ensures that not only do you have one platform for running work and managing your people, it also delivers comprehensive and very powerful reporting capabilities, allowing you to proactively steer clear of potential bottlenecks.

Imagine a work day where everyone in your team knows what they should be working on to maintain the flow of work through your processes. Not only does everyone in your team know what they should be working on, you get to see the status of work, what items are ahead of schedule, and more importantly, what work items are falling or have fallen behind schedule and threaten deliver of finished work product.

Now imagine you get to see this in real-time.

Perhaps the most common job management tool is the spreadsheet, but this has severe limitations (as do all the aforementioned task management techniques).

Real-Time Collaboration

HighGear provides an enterprise task management solution that breaks through these constraints, and unleashes collaboration between your people, other teams, vendors and your customers. You are also able to manage the resources needed to deliver work product and HighGear can also act as a central document repository, ensuring your people always have the right tools and documentation to complete the work at hand.

HighGear does not get the work done – that is something your people do.

Streamline Operations

Instead, HighGear provides a universal enterprise task management platform that organizes and simplifies work processes. This reduces non-productive time, ensuring more staff time is spent on actually getting work done instead of trying to find out what they should be doing next, or looking for paperwork, or trying to find out what the resolution to issues and questions was in last week’s status meeting.

HighGear ensures everything is kept in the same location and also provides the ability to find information no matter what system it is stored in.

Enterprise task management software solutions increase productivity, provide visibility into work being performed and ensure your people are doing the right work at the right time with the right resources and documentation.

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