No code workflow platforms are favored by the business side of an organization because they provide the power to create and modify workflows and business applications without the need for IT to get involved. Business analysts are prime targets for no code providers, giving them the ability to engage in discovery and design, but then develop the solution the business needs without handing off to a frequently busy IT team operating with very tight budgets and multiple competing demands being placed upon them.

Whether a bank, medical provider or any business operating in a customer-driven environment that is heavily regulated, there is an urgent need for effective workflows and automation, which can be deployed cost effectively and at speed.

The traditional approach to creating business workflows and applications will typically involve a small army of developers (either in-house or external) and significant lag time between identifying and scoping a solution and its eventual deployment.

No code workflow platforms eliminate the lag time by delivering workflow functionality directly into the hands of the business analyst, or whoever understands how the specific business processes actually work.

No code workflow software provides the heavy-lift capability that is typically only found within an IT environment, such as specialist coding, form creation, resource tracking and utilization and so on.

HighGear is the leading no code workflow platform for clients operating in heavily-regulated industries, and delivers enterprise-grade workflow functionality, such as:

  • Enterprise Task Management – the ability to create tasks and recurring tasks using custom-defined statuses and fields and custom form designers;
  • Custom Form Designer – forms can be created using a drag-and-drop interface which allows for a custom form to be created in minutes containing all the information required, or to be changed on-the-fly as conditions dictate;
  • Custom statuses and fields – users define the fields and statuses they wish to use and are created in conjunction with the forms created to track tasks and the information they musty contain. Statuses may be conditional in that the worker may be required to upload information such as a file or image before they are allowed to close a task (mandatory before close);
  • Visual Workflow Designer – instead of creating workflow diagrams on paper or a whiteboard, they can be created directly within HighGear using a Visio-like tool, except unlike Visio such workflows can be pushed into a live state and used in an operational environment. Workflows created in HighGear use conditional operators which will be very familiar to anyone who is proficient with Excel spreadsheets, however the utility is far greater than found in any spreadsheet;
  • Audit Trail – one of the most powerful features within HighGear is the Audit Trail which logs every action made by any user or admin on the workflow platform. This includes all configuration changes across the system, down to every character input or mouse-click, providing a time and date stamp and information on the user making any input.
  • Automated Reporting & Distribution – reporting takes a lot of time and though it is essential for management and compliance purposes, reporting of itself is not a value creating activity. Compliance teams are under intense pressure to operate in a cost-effective fashion, and HighGear delivers the ability to rapidly collate data, present it in a custom report, and automatically distribute the information only to those who possess the authority to access the data;
  • Enterprise Class Security – HighGear complies with all major compliance and security testing standards, including Sarbanes Oxley, SAS 70, NIST 800-53, and more. In addition there is automatic Windows, flexible password policies, and a full record of logins (including failed logins). Tasks and data are also only available to those with the authority to access them, based upon Role-based Permissions, which secures data and operations using the workflow platform.

HighGear is extensively used in a variety of organizations and departments, including where highly-sensitive Government and military operations and data are involved, as well as the banking and insurance sectors.

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