Team collaboration across diverse processes and departments is achievable, but not without collaboration between effective workflow design and great task management.

HighGear was first conceived as an enterprise task management solution with workflow automation capabilities. The reason why we paired task management and workflow automation at conception was simple: we understood the need to be great at both!

The reason for being great at both was simple – you can’t achieve true, effective team collaboration if you don’t have effective workflow, and you cannot have effective task management without effective workflow.

The key is to be able to create effective workflows from the outset, and more than this, to be able to change and create new workflows at the drop of a hat!

We call this Workflow Optimization.

The way you do business is not set in stone – the business environment is constantly changing and evolving, whether we like it or not. We establish processes in order to bring some order to the business chaos around us, however, as we operate under a process we derive data and experience that leads us to discern areas of improvement. In addition, new opportunities emerge in this chaotic business environment, demanding a timely business response.

If our workflows are not adaptive, if we cannot change workflows to take advantage of better ways of doing work, or taking advantage of emerging opportunities, then we cannot be optimized as a business.

To achieve workflow optimization, it is crucial that the responsible manager be able to articulate workflow improvements. In practice, this has not been possible because workflow solutions have required in-depth technical and programming knowledge, usually beyond the skill set of a LOB manager.

HighGear requires no programming knowledge – simply drag and drop to create workflows, and have this seamlessly integrated with a highly-effective enterprise task management solution.

HighGear’s Workflow Automation features include:

  • Automation of recurring processes
  • Enforcement of compliance and policy procedures
  • Enforcement of timelines, including alert notifications
  • Highly effective rule-based routing of workflows
  • No programming knowledge required – drag and drop UI

What does this achieve in practice?

  1. Responsible managers are freed from the IT department, or from a reliance on developers who are typically needed in order to articulate workflows in traditional workflow solutions. Now, the non-coding manager can simply create automated workflows as they wish, test them and change them as required and so better achieve workflow optimization within a live, business environment.
  2. Recurring processes are simply and easily automated, and again without the need for a heavy IT or developer input. This leads to a low cost, low resource solution that provides a very fast turnaround time to automate recurring processes, further streamlining business operations.
  3. There is no more worrying about whether team members are going to be following rules and procedures. These are automatically set and enforced by HighGear and task items cannot be closed off unless compliance is achieved by assignees.
  4. By making iterative workflow optimizations, you will greatly improve team performance and productivity.
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