Josh serves as HighGear’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for managing the Product Development, Professional Services and Customer Support Teams. He is a gifted manager with an eye for building quality into everything we do here at HighGear.

He started his software development career at Swift Systems, where he designed and developed the software and many of the core features that would eventually become the HighGear platform. When Vaughn spun off Swift Software in 2003, Josh joined as a co-founder and helped build the company from the ground up, leading the product design process and taking on more management responsibilities as the team grew.

Prior to working at HighGear, Josh worked on a veterinary pharmaceutical reference software product and various custom business applications, while still in college at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Josh and his wife Tara have four children under the age of 12. Although work and family keep him busy, Josh carves out time to read a good book as often as he can.

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