Pipeline Commitment Tracking

HighGear is the Digital Solution for Pipeline Commitment Tracking

Driving a pipeline across thousands of miles, crossing multiple jurisdictions, international borders, while touching upon tens of thousands of people and organizations, requires exceptional organizational and administrative skills.

Dropping the ball on just one commitment can result in project delays, tens of millions of dollars in excess costs and fines, and serious harm to community relationships, both now and into the future. How you meet your obligations and demonstrate your performance is directly reflected in your credibility and image. While oil & gas companies do go to extraordinary lengths to protect and work with the environment and communities affected, the sheer scale and complexity of meeting and tracking pipeline commitments makes this extraordinarily difficult to manage well.

Your reputation and credibility are on the line.

Engage communities, Create Trust

HighGear provides much greater functionality than any spreadsheet, digitally transforming commitment tracking into a powerful tool to engage communities, creating trust and credibility, while demonstrating your sincere commitment to protecting the environment and people.

HighGear, the Lean BPM pioneer, has developed a technology solution which provides full visibility and control over every aspect of commitment tracking and execution, enforcing compliance at all levels, and dramatically speeding up reporting and regulatory filing. HighGear provides you with the reporting tools to demonstrate you are a sincere partner for your vendors and regulators, but most importantly for the communities you work with.

Full Visibility Tracking and Reporting Tools

Show the status of every single commitment you have, no matter where the work is being done or who is responsible for carrying it out.You can have near real-time visibility into every aspect of your commitment tracking at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.

HighGear Pipeline Commitment Tracking benefits include:

  • Contract Negotiation & Management: store and manage all of your commitments and contracts in digital format, available to anyone with the authority to access them, including managing the contract creation and negotiation process with multiple versions being saved and stored.
  • Never Miss a Key Deadline: automated alerts notify the right people inside and outside of your organization when deadlines are at risk of being missed. Escalate issues automatically to the people who will ensure compliance with undertakings and commitments.
  • Search Documents and Artifacts Fast and Easily: never waste time trying to find documents and files by using simple search to identify and locate what you need in no time at all.
  • State of the Art Security: allow access to information and enforce security policies simply and effectively using role-based permissions.
  • Flexibility & Customization Puts You in Control: HighGear is totally customizable and configurable to how you manage and track pipeline commitments, with simple to use custom form creators, user-defined fields and elements, date stamping and time tracking, Visual Workflow for creating live processes, Cloud or On-Premises options, Mobile accessible on any device (requires Internet connection), and much more.
  • Compliance Tracking & Auditing: you will very quickly appreciate the ability not only to track commitments, but to quickly demonstrate your compliance with all agreements, regulations, and relevant applicable law. The Audit Trail feature also tracks all activities on the platform no matter who makes them, while one-click audit functionality allows you to create audit and inspection packages in seconds.
  • Automated Reporting and Regulatory Filing: closely related to the compliance functionality of HighGear, you can quickly and easily create customized reports and regulatory filings, saving your team valuable time while delivering relevant information to decision makers at lightning speed. Automating reporting means you not only save time and money in creating reports, but that you can automate distribution to who consumes them, and all while maintaining and enhancing data security.
  • Enhance Community Engagement: demonstrate your commitment to the communities you work with throughout the life of all pipeline projects. Engage with stakeholders by extending the use of HighGear beyond your internal teams, fostering participation and collaboration, and inviting review and feedback.
  • Demonstrate Environmental Success: you cannot put land back to exactly the same condition as when you start a project. You can return farmland to farmland, or minimize disruption of your activities to a wetland, but nonetheless you will leave a legacy. Ensure your legacy is one of successful collaboration with the people and the land, by maintaining baselining records and artifacts, such as photographs and video of land before and after. Simply and efficiently determine the impact of operations, as well as your compliance with protection and mitigation policies and obligations whether public, private, commercial, Aboriginal, or regulatory.
  • Enhance Emergency Response and Emergency Management: HighGear will host and disseminate your emergency response procedures and management policies, ensuring everyone involved is aware of them. Furthermore, HighGear will automatically guide designated personnel through operational and mandated reporting procedures, while ensuring the right people are involved at the right time to manage an event. In addition, HighGear will also ensure you have a complete record of actions and decisions made by your responders, minimizing your potential liability from an incident.
  • Effectively Manage Procurement: automate your procurement and vendor selection processes, and manage external vendors and partners effectively by extending use of HighGear to them. Gain visibility into the work being conducted on your behalf by third-parties, including being able to track work quality, deadlines, extend compliance policies and procedures, and gather evidence of work done using video and photographs in addition to traditional reporting.
  • Enjoy Speed: create new commitments or modify existing ones in seconds, and even establish commitment tracking and management for an entire project in hours. HighGear is fast and easy to use, and needs no specialist skills to use.

Deliver Transparency and Demonstrate Accountability As Never Before

Imagine being able to…

  • Show the status of every single commitment you have, no matter where the work is being done or who is responsible for carrying it out.
  • Have near real-time visibility into every aspect of your commitment tracking at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Show regulators, environmental groups, communities, commercial partners, and private parties your compliance and performance in seconds with a few mouse clicks.

HighGear’s commitment tracking and reporting capabilities deliver on everything you can imagine, and so much more.

See how HighGear will transform your pipeline commitment tracking:

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