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See How Easy it is to Build a Custom Business Workflow Application in 60 Minutes or Less. Your Workflow Awaits.

The world’s leading companies depend on HighGear to keep their mission-critical processes moving forward. To quickly create forms, design processes and automate workflows that streamline operations. To easily assign tasks, track activity and report status from one central location. To build no-code workflow applications in days not months and gain visibility across the entire enterprise. 

The software solutions featured on this web page should not be confused with those CRM solutions sold under the mark HIGHERGEAR, found here.

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Trusted by leading companies worldwide to power mission-critical processes and meet complex compliance requirements.

“Everything is controlled in HighGear. 12,000+ tasks are workflow-generated each month. There is no way we could manage that volume by hand.”

Sammye Klein, Operations System Specialist

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