See the incredible results that CUnet has experienced with HighGear’s task and project management software functionality. Pre-HighGear, CUnet was completing about 70% of the tasks requested by their clients on time. After the implementation of HighGear, CUnet increased their on time completion rates to 95% or more with more thorough and accurate work. Watch CUnet Director of Internal Operations, Jeff Herz, talk about the benefits of HighGear.

Video Transcript:
“Our clients are non-traditional colleges and universities and what we do is we help them find prospective students for their programs and locations.
Our clients are the Univ of Phoenix, Strayer Univ, Lincoln College, Westwood College, and Virginia College, among others.

We had previously used spreadsheets to try to track our tasks that were going from our clients to our vendor network. Which wound up being a one to many relationship and just became too difficult to track who had completed the task. So we realized that we needed a solution that would help us bring all these tasks together under one project and that was HighGear.

We have gone from about a 70% completion rate up to 95% or more percent completion rate for every task that our client has requested. We have been able to implement and complete it much more thoroughly and much more accurately.

It takes us about a week from the point in time where we identify what it is exactly that we need, implement the workflow, and then release it to the team.

HighGear’s team gives amazing support. When we have an issue, both the software development team as well as the infrastructure team there are very fast to respond, regardless of where the problem is. They’ll throw the right people at the problem in order to get it resolved as quickly as possible. And they also spend time to understand what happened, so it doesn’t happen again.

I enjoy using the system and the thing that is most impressive is that everybody is now acclimated to it and using it once we got past the initial learning curve.
Everybody talks about how simple the system is to use and how straightforward and how they get all the information they need in a single place.

I would recommend implementing HighGear’s workflow management software for other organizations that are struggling with tracking large quantities of tasks. It’s very straightforward and helps streamline the organization and the process.” – Jeff Herz, Director of Internal Operations, CUnet, a subsidiary of Nelnet.

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