Azi Rosenblum, President and Founder of RemSource speaks at the HighGear User Conference

Azi Rosenblum, President and Founder of RemSource had a problem. Too much stuff to do. But he realized it wasn’t just a problem in his quickly expanding small business, it was a problem a lot of other business owners were having. He had quickly graduated from the super passionate and focused initial stage of owning a business, to complete gridlock in less than 12 months.

As a company that offered virtual assistants with administrative and bookkeeping services to solopreneurs and firms with less than 5 people, it was particularly disturbing that his own company could not get organized and run efficiently behind closed doors. “You go from super awesome to the voice mailbox is full. You wonder how you created the worst possible company ever.”

Azi knew that to succeed and grow, he had to get his own business processes and workflows under control. He had to be able to accurately track what his employees were working on. He had long surpassed the ability to use Excel spreadsheets and Outlook to manage his operation.

After an extensive search that lasted 6 months, RemSource found HighGear. The company implemented the cloud based version of the enterprise level task management software system when it had just 3 employees. With the cloud hosted solution, RemSource could focus on their internal workflow and processes instead of worrying about a new software system. “I didn’t have to worry about managing it. I didn’t have to worry about servers going down and all the updates are automatically rolled out,” remarked Rosenblum. “I kept my costs down and reduced the need to manage the tool.”

HighGear allowed the company to regain control of their workload and feel confident that they had accurate tracking on recurring and nonrecurring deliverables to clients. “We could not have grown without it,” said Azi. “It would have just fallen apart. HighGear is the thing that keeps everything glued together.”

RemSource has almost tripled in the number of employees they’ve hired, to keep up with company growth since implementing the HighGear task management software system. “I would recommend HighGear to any company trying to get more information and control over their daily operations,” said Rosenblum. From zero measurability before HighGear to accurate reporting and the ability to accurately know at any given point in the day exactly what is going on. HighGear proved to be the answer for “Too much stuff to do.”

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