The form designer in JobTraQ BPM software is a powerful tool that allows administrators to lay out different forms for each task type they create, so that users can focus on exactly the data that they need for that particular task type. Administrators can fully customize the two-dimensional layout of the forms in their task types, and the form layouts are dynamically scaled to fit on any user’s screen.

Administrators can separate the forms into multiple tabs, to organize the fields and to make it easier for users to find the fields they need to edit. Each tab in a task type can have permissions, so that administrators can choose to make some parts of a task type read-only for some users, or even hide them completely.

Any field in a task type can have a default value and can be made required. In addition, some types of field have additional options that can be set differently in each task type. For example, contact lookup fields can be configured to only allow the user to select certain types of contacts, or only contacts from a specific OU.

Administrators can also embed other web applications within a JobTraQ task type. These can be Internet apps like the map shown below, or they can be business applications developed by internal programmers.

All of these features combine to make the form designer in JobTraQ BPM software  a powerful tool that allows administrators to build exactly the task types and data forms that their users need to be efficient and effective. If you have any questions about the form design features in JobTraQ, please comment below. For more information about JobTraQ software, please contact our sales team or request a demo.

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