The release of JobTraQ version X6.0 earlier this year introduced Globalization processes to the already feature rich list of tasks that the software can complete.  JobTraQ’s user interface can be translated into any language, including Russian, Chinese, and French.

Data stored in a standard time-zone-independent format so there is no risk of data conflicts from different users.  Everyone in JobTraQ can use their own local time zone for all calendars, dates, and schedules.  The system automatically translates all dates to and from each person’s local time, including Daylight Savings Time adjustments.

Customer Nathan Peart, President of Sustainability WA, says, “You have a great product that has streamlined our process greatly.  We now put 30-40 projects per week through JobTraQ which would have been impossible under our old system.”

Globalization Software Features:

  • Personal time zones for users
  • Appointments show local time zone
  • Custom reports capability
  • Data stored as Unicode
  • Translates into any language

Learn more about JobTraQ Globalization software features by downloading the datasheet.

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