Katie Smolsky of IT Assurance Specialist for I.S. Partners

Katie Smolsky, IT Assurance Specialist for I.S. Partners

Among the many features of JobTraQ are compliance management functionality that gives a non-repudiated record of compliance. The detail with which JobTraQ logs user interaction with the system simplifies any audit process that a user may schedule or conduct. JobTraQ was recently used to help Swift Systems, Inc. pass an SSAE 16 Audit.

SSAE 16 Audits are notorious for being exhaustively meticulous, lengthy, and expensive for companies to go through. Swift experienced the opposite, flying through the audit with little effort on the part of its employees and management.

Dan Brown, Technical Services Manager at Swift Systems said, “JobTraQ helped Swift Systems data center pass the SSAE 16 audit with flying colors. The fact that JobTraQ was the system of record was fundamental in allowing the auditor to see change control requests for the past 12 months. I was able to pull that information up easily in a search, export it into a PDF quickly, and pass it off to the auditors. I can’t even imagine how companies that don’t have JobTraQ get through this process.”

Swift Systems SSAE 16 Audit was performed by I.S. Partners, LLC of Horsham, PA, a Certified Public Accounting firm registered with the AICPA, and a recognized authority for SSAE 16 and SOC audits.  IT Assurance Specialist, Katie Smolsky, who work on the examination team was very impressed with what she saw. “We felt that the attestation process was aided and simplified by the user-friendly nature of the JobTraQ application,” reported Smolsky.

View the full press release for more details on how JobTraQ compliance management features were used in this SSAE 16 Audit.

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