Swift Software is pleased to announce the release of JobTraQ® version X5.12.5 and JobTraQ Mobile™.

JobTraQ Mobile runs on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

Frederick, Maryland – October 27, 2011 – The new JobTraQ Mobile™ user interface is optimized for quick and easy use on smartphones and other mobile devices. It allows users to view and edit their tasks, download attached files, start and stop timers, quickly view their upcoming schedule, and search, view, and quickly reach out to JobTraQ contacts. JobTraQ Mobile is compatible with Apple’s iOS 3 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), Google’s Android 1.5 or later (Android based Phones and Tablets), BlackBerry OS 6, and BlackBerry OS 5 using the Bolt web browser.

JobTraQ Mobile is now shipping and installs with the unified server installer for JobTraQ version X5.12.5 and above, and is being provided without charge for all clients that have an active support agreement until the end of 2012.

This new light, intuitive and attractive interface for smart phones and tablets makes it easier than ever to use JobTraQ in the field.  The extensive feedback received from JobTraQ Mobile beta-testers and early adopters was consistently excellent and the JobTraQ team is confident that our production customers will thoroughly enjoy using it, especially busy executives on the go and teams with field service workers or other road warriors.  Whether someone wants to quickly check their agenda in the morning, update a task, start a timer, review an attached file, or search for a contact they need to call, JobTraQ Mobile will surely be a time saver and a convenience.

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