JobTraQ Takes the Lead in Transparent BPM Pricing – starts at $29pm per user

Frederick, Maryland – July 3, 2015 – Swift Software, the developer of JobTraQ Lean BPM, publically announces pricing for all service tiers: Pricing starts at $29pm per user thru’ to $59pm per user.

JobTraQ’s developer is Swift Software, a small upstart company based in Frederick MD, with global ambitions, and has already gained clients such as NASA, Fifth Third Bank, Beazley Insurance, FDA, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Royal Bank of Scotland, US Marine Corps, TransCanada and many more. JobTraQ is unique as a BPM solution in that it requires zero IT involvement to deploy*, users require no specialist coding or development experience to create workflows and processes, nor to push them into the live operational environment.

JobTraQ is now the only BPM solution with published pricing in a market dominated by traditional BPM providers such as Pegasystems, IBM and Oracle. JobTraQ costs approximately 20-30% of traditional BPM solutions, and with its aggressive pricing, powerful and stable feature set, backed by outstanding US-based support, it is rapidly taking business from traditional BPM vendors.

“We are already differentiated in the BPM space because of the power we give to process owners and operators to create and modify workflows without IT involvement,” said Vaughn Thurman, CEO & Founder of Swift Software, “but by publishing our pricing, we intend to show that we are a very serious alternative to traditional BPM players who are over-priced.”

“It is a major source of frustration for IT and Operations professionals that enterprise software pricing is so hard to get, we operate on transparency so we’re publishing our pricing.” said Karl Hindle, Director of Marketing, “We want customers to quickly move on to the real discussion of how JobTraQ will work for them and how we stack up against the competition.”

JobTraQ delivers core BPM functionality for around 20% of the cost of traditional BPM solutions, and deploys in 10% of the time. No painful deployments, no costly IT, specialist developers or external consultants required – just drag and drop in the visual workflow interface and push new business processes and modifications live in minutes.

About Swift Software, Inc:
Based in Frederick, MD and founded in 2004, Swift Software is the developer of JobTraQ, a Lean BPM solution deployed across North America, Europe, Australia and the Far East. A small company with a powerful product punch, delivering enterprise Business Process Management functionality for around 20-30% of the cost of traditional BPM solutions, and deploys in around 10% of the time. Both SaaS and On Premises versions of JobTraQ are available, and the solution is fully customizable.

* On Premises version of JobTraQ will require a server to operate on which IT will provision

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