Lean BPM Pioneer Continues to Make User & Admin Adoption of BPM Simpler & Faster

Frederick, Maryland – March 21, 2017 – Swift Software, Inc, the Lean BPM pioneer, announces the latest JobTraQ X7 release with X7.3, featuring simplified email notifications, the ability to push shared lists to users, and enhanced collaboration & conversation tools.

JobTraQ X7.3 delivers even more control and functionality directly into the hands of Citizen Developers, i.e. people who work with business processes, but who do not have specialist software development skills using powerful, “No Code” tools such as Visual Workflow and Custom Form builders. This empowers Citizen Developers directly, allowing them to perform process management & optimization within a highly secure environment. The primary benefits of a Lean BPM approach include extraordinary cost and time savings, combined with working at unparalleled speeds, enhanced organizational visibility, and superlative business performance.

JobTraQ X7.3 features:

    • Push Shared Lists to Groups of Users – X7 introduced pinned task lists for fast access by users, and now X7.3 allows for fast setup and distribution of them to specific groups of users or across the entire organization;
    • Mobile improvements – users can view task and project notifications using tablets, smart phones, and other Mobile-enabled devices;
      Conversation Collaboration Improvements:

      • New Message Markers – the highlighting of new messages posted since a task or project was last viewed brings users up to speed on status much faster; and
      • Conversation Search – search conversations using a keyword to leverage the organizational knowledge base and break institutional memory out of restrictive silos.

“Our continued efforts to make JobTraQ easy for end users drastically reduces time to ROI,” says Josh Yeager, Chief Operating Officer of Swift Software, “and JobTraQ X7.3 further builds on the significant improvements in user satisfaction we are seeing, especially compared to traditional BPM suites.”

Security has been further enhanced with JobTraQ X7.3 requiring Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later, and .NET 4.6.2 or later.

About Swift Software, Inc
Headquartered in MD, U.S., Swift Software, Inc. is an innovative, global leader in delivering fully Mobile enterprise task and work management solutions for the human enterprise. JobTraQ ensures the right work is being carried out by the right people with the right resources throughout the organization, and delivers BPM functionality into the heart of business operations for a fraction of the cost of traditional BPM solutions.

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