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Vaughn Thurman, HighGear CEO.

Forrester and HighGear software deployment study reveals new paradigm for addressing the shortage of developer talent

Just as the COVID-19 lockdown was happening, HighGear commissioned leading research company, Forrester, to evaluate trends in the digital transformation arena.  As a software provider focused on delivering no-code capabilities to the Enterprise, the company has long suggested that the emergence of non-developer software champions would accelerate the need for true code-free software solutions. The study confirmed HighGear’s hypothesis with a view towards the importance of a business analyst’s (BA) role in today’s market.  With the mindset, analytical skills, and execution know-how needed to define and deploy software solutions, the BA will be central to automating work and impacting an organization’s broad-based digital transformation objectives.

Key findings in the study include:

  • Business analysts and managers are already doing technical tasks such as scripting (55%) and computer programming (51%).
  • 80% of BAs spend too much time on manual tasks.
  • 77% of BAs don’t yet have the resources needed to automate processes.
  • “It’s well-understood that technology talent is in short supply, and the pandemic has put a spotlight on the challenge this creates for organizations.  I started HighGear almost 15 years ago, knowing that we could transform the way business gets done.  The time for the rise of the business analyst is now, and we are poised to help companies accelerate change – and digital transformation – in a much simpler and faster way. HighGear’s no-code solution exceeds the rigorous security demands of highly regulated industries such as financial services and government.  And given our tenure, we have one of the deepest, broadest, and most sophisticated systems available – while also being one of the easiest to implement,” said Vaughn Thurman, CEO and Founder of HighGear.

    In addition to discussing the emerging role of the “Citizen Developer” at the PMBA on May 25th at 3:30 PM ET, Vaughn’s session will feature a Q&A with one of its top clients. Team members will be available throughout the event to answer questions, gather insights and engage with 600+ conference attendees.

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    About HighGear

    HighGear is the leading, intuitive no-code platform for business analysts to rapidly build enterprise-grade workflow applications. It is the only enterprise-grade workflow application that allows teams of everyday business users to quickly assign tasks, manage work, track progress and report the status of activity that flows across dozens of departments in real-time.

    HighGear provides business unit managers with real-time visibility into the status of operations to dramatically improve efficiency, increase productivity and quickly respond to changing market conditions to accelerate digital transformation. Whether HighGear is installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, IT departments can easily control authentication and integrate with internal or external systems, while meeting enterprise-grade security requirements.

    HighGear has been trusted by leading enterprises worldwide for more than 15 years to power mission-critical processes for companies in regulated industries while meeting complex compliance requirements for customers such as NASA, Baillie Gifford, TransCanada, Fifth Third Bank and more. To learn more about HighGear’s no-code workflow platform, schedule a product demo or join HighGear’s global customer community, please visit https://www.highgear.com.

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