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Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation? Understanding BPA

Different businesses are comprised of different components – different teams, departments, schedules, deliverables – but one common thread that runs through all facets of business is process. From the most mundane to the most complex, processes are the backbone of...
HighGear vs Integrify Comparison

Integrify Alternative 2024: HighGear vs Integrify Comparison

Selecting the optimal workflow management software platform is imperative in our tech-driven era. But the choices seem endless, and the stakes feel sky-high. Pick wrong, and you'll lag behind the competition. Choose right, and you'll streamline operations in ways you...
HighGear vs Decisions comparison

Decisions Alternative 2024: HighGear vs. Decisions Comparison

What if creating custom workflow applications didn’t require coding expertise or overreliance on developers? Leading no-code platforms like HighGear and Decisions have made this possible. With no code, anyone in an organization can build workflows, digitize processes,...

ServiceNow Alternative 2024: HighGear vs. ServiceNow Comparison

Undergoing a workflow automation revolution is a step any successful business needs to take at one point or another. However, for that transformation to be successful, it’s imperative to use cutting-edge workflow automation software. And when it comes to that,...

Appian Alternative 2024: HighGear vs. Appian Comparison

Workflow automation and process management are essential for enterprises that want to increase productivity and streamline business processes. That’s why organizations like HighGear and Appian have created alternative workflow platforms - solutions designed with the...
impact of workflow software over governance

Impact of Workflow Software Over Governance: Risk and Compliance

Using technology for business improvement nowadays is a given, but when we talk about which tools are best, there are many opinions. In general, workflow and process automation is a relatively new category that has become more widely recognized in the last five to ten...
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