Purchase Expansion Modules

Add More Horsepower to HighGear

The following Expansion Modules are available for purchase to further extend the power of the HighGear platform and add even more capabilities to your workflow:

Dynamic E-mail Generator

Automatically send out custom designed e-mails from HighGear at any stage of a workflow process.

Dynamic PDF Generator

Automatically populate a PDF template with data from HighGear and attach the file to a Project or Task.

Dynamic Custom Forms

Allow anonymous users to fill out forms or create/update tasks without having to login to HighGear.

Attachment Image

View one or more images (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) that are attached to a Contact, Project or Task. 

Dynamic Attachment Viewer

View attachments on a different Project or Task than the one currently being working on.

Dynamic Conditional

Quickly and easily create any number of conditional drop-down configurations

Dynamic Form Labels

Automatically create labels within HighGear and assign them to the correct Task Forms.

Task Portal

Easily allow your customers and vendors to view and edit Tasks without having to login to HighGear.

Your Custom Module

Hire the ProServe Team to build a custom Expansion Module to meet the specific needs of your enterprise. 

Purchase HighGear Expansion Modules

See an Expansion Module you want to add to your HighGear environment?

Upon purchase, our Professional Services Team will add the Expansion Module to your HighGear implementation along with a sample workflow process.

Every module includes a block of time for Setup and Training to help your HighGear Admin get up and running quickly to use the new features effectively.

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