BPM for Business Process Outsourcing – Offshoring and Onshoring

HighGear’s Lean BPM solution provides Business Process Outsourcers with the ability
to differentiate their service offering to their customers and prospects.

Outsourcing business processes is a multi-billion dollar industry, seeking to provide enhanced performance for client companies by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. You understand the opportunities presented to you with any process-driven prospect, especially those looking to outsource Customer Care, Human Resources, Procurement, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management or Finance & Administration.

As a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, you know the pitfalls and challenges associated with delivering results to your clients.

HighGear, the Lean BPM pioneer, differentiates your BPO offering by providing and demonstrating real-time visibility, enhanced performance, accountability, and full compliance with pre-set standards to your client-partners.

Don’t simply tell clients and prospects you’ll improve their business performance – show them with HighGear!

Major challenges facing Business Processing Outsourcers (both Onshore and Offshore) include:

  • Complying with Quality Control Standards

    HighGear allows you to definitively demonstrate to your clients and prospects your full compliance with their QA standards. HighGear enforces compliance and business procedures, ensuring that work and individual tasks are completed in full accordance with preset business rules determined by you and your client. Not only is full compliance achieved with QA standards, but you can demonstrate achieving quality standards both in real-time and throughout the life of the outsourcing contract.

  • Data Security and Control

    Your clients and prospects will always be concerned about data security, no matter where you are located, onshore or offshore. HighGear provides state-of-the-art data security, allowing you to authorize data access based on roles (role-based permissions). Only authorized staff can access data, and also only the data and information they need to perform the assigned tasks. HighGear also controls reporting information, ensuring that report recipients do not gain access to any information they are not authorized to access, automatically customizing each report for each recipient’s security authorization whether they are internal or external to your organization. HighGear meets all major compliance and data security standards, including ISO, ITIL, NIST 800-53, SOX and SAS 70.

  • Strategic Inflexibility

    It is exceptionally difficult to change business processes, especially when they have been outsourced to another business. Changing workflows and business processes will typically incur substantial cost, delay and work interruption. HighGear delivers total process flexibility and control, allowing you and your clients to create and modify custom workflows and business processes using a visual workflow interface. Just as important, HighGear delivers your operational staff with the power to push workflows and processes into the live operational environment without the need for specialist developers and coders, or for lengthy and expensive IT deployments. You and your client control changes and modifications to workflows, and just as importantly, the operational deployment, which is carried out in minutes not months – now you have the ability to deliver total flexibility and speed in managing and changing workflows for your customers, even though they are operating within your business.

  • Reporting, Process and Work Visibility

    Show your clients the status of work you are responsible for in real-time, with full process visibility which can be viewed by any authorized user over a web browser. In addition, HighGear automates regular report creation and distribution, providing accurate information as frequently as is required, and in a format you can customize for each client and recipient.

  • Loss of Customer Feedback & Innovation

    When your client outsources customer-facing work to you as a BPO, they risk losing customer feedback which is incredibly useful for improving service offerings and innovation. HighGear allows you and your client to share the customer experience and feedback in real-time, allowing them to remain in full control over how they react and respond to their customers, maintaining and fueling R&D and innovation

Core functionality of HighGear for Business Process Outsourcing providers includes:

  • Creation and Modification of Business Processes in Hours

    There is no need for any lengthy, expensive deployments involving specialist developers, your IT department or expensive third-party consultants – business process owners are able to push processes into the live operational environment and HighGear creates all associated workflows and tasks, enforces preset compliance procedures and business rules as well automatically creates distributed reporting.

  • Visual workflow and drag-and-drop UI

    If you can draw your workflows and processes on a piece of paper, you can create them easily within our visual workflow UI.

  • Enterprise Task Management

    Create single and recurring tasks with ease, and ensure work is properly allocated across individual workers and teams with full visibility on who is doing what and when.

  • Email Interception & Task Creation

    Capture incoming emails requesting work be carried out, and automatically have them create tasks and assign them within HighGear. You will never lose track of an email request and HighGear can handle millions of incoming emails, saving time, enhancing efficiency, speeding up response times and acknowledgement, plus automatically assigning work to assignees and reporting on progress.

  • Full Accountability and Non-Repudiable Compliance Record

    HighGear maintains a full audit trail showing who has performed what task and when. HighGear is an excellent compliance management tool, perfectly suited to transaction processing and recording, case management, and enforcing business rules and compliance procedures in a wide range of commercial and governmental situations. HighGear records every field change at individual and system-wide levels, provides role-based permissions management and data access security, and is fully compliant with ISO, ITIL, NIST 800-53, SOX and SAS 70

  • Globalization & International Functionality

    HighGear provides automatic time zone adjustments so all dates and times are shown in the local users time zone (including Daylight Savings Adjustments), all data is stored in Unicode, and HighGear can be translated into any language (including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic and others)

  • Resource Utilization

    Real-time reporting on workloads and schedules across all team members, with integrated time tracking and summary reporting for supervisors and managers.

  • Contact Management

    All of your contact information for staff, clients, client customers and vendors can be stored in a logical, organized hierarchy with built-in security which limits non-authorized access. Instantly create custom fields, manage and restrict user access, associate assets with specific contacts, and import third-party CSV files.

  • Reporting and Notifications

    HighGear makes reporting simple and fast, with automated collation of report information, fully customizable, and automatically distributes reports to those authorized to receive them. A very useful feature of HighGear is that reports only contain that information a recipient is authorized to see, and HighGear automatically withholds report data and information from any recipient without authorization to have access to it, but still provides reporting on all data they are authorized to receive.

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