BPM for Energy

The Radical Power to Get it Done Right, Done Fast, and Done Even Better Tomorrow!

Find out why TOTAL and TransCanada use HighGear, the Lean BPM pioneer delivering core process management for around 20% of the cost and freedom from your IT department.

Business Process Management (BPM) delivers considerable benefits for energy companies: enhanced performance and control, reduced cost, reduced risk to revenues, agility and scalability, automatic enforcement of business rules and procedures with a complete audit trail and unimpeachable evidence of compliance with regulations and legislation.

HighGear is the Lean BPM pioneer, delivering core business process management functionality for around 20% of the cost of traditional solutions such as IBM BPM, Oracle or Pegasystems.

HighGear deploys fast – typically in 10% of the time required to deploy a traditional BPMS.

Cost and functionality are not the major differentiator for HighGear: what makes us unique is our philosophy of zero reliance on specialist coders and developers, and total freedom from your IT department.

HighGear puts the power of BPM into the hands of those who know your business processes inside out: the process owners and those who work with it. Not only can they see how the process works, work out how to improve existing workflows or create brand new ones, they are now able to push their designs into the live operational environment without any specialist knowledge.

HighGear provides a visual workflow interface which is simple and easy to use. Once a new process is designed or an existing one modified, using the drag-and-drop GUI, HighGear will automatically take the design and create all of the associated tasks and workflows required to make the process operational. More than this, the workflow will also operate in full compliance with your preset business rules and compliance procedures, including the creation of automated notifications, alerts and business reporting.

There is zero need for any specialist coding or developer skills, and operations staff have total freedom to design and change business processes at will, leading to process optimization and continuous improvement.

Major HighGear Lean BPM Benefits for Energy Customers

HighGear delivers the following and more:

  • The ability to streamline operations continuously
  • Cost reduction
  • Minimizes risks to revenue
  • Instils true cross-enterprise collaboration, including with external partners and stakeholders
  • The ability to manage constant change and take advantage of opportunity
  • Scalable
  • Global

Lean BPM delivers the ability to get to ROI faster than any other solution on the market, with measurable results gained from enhanced real-time visibility into business operations.

Energy Asset Management

  • Create and deploy fully automated workflows and business processes
  • Manage resource utilization and optimization at macro and granular levels
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by standardizing core business processes on one, easy-to-use, cross-enterprise platform
  • Reduce risk of failure by restricting the ability for human error to be introduced into critical processes
  • Connect your people, resources and information with business processes and each other like never before

Commodity and Supplier Management

  • Improve and effectively manage partner relations and ensure you and your suppliers are truly collaborative
  • Make better decisions based on historical and real-time data HighGear makes available from across your organization’s applications and systems
  • No matter how fast or large you grow, HighGear is fully scalable and extremely agile
  • Streamline and optimize procurement processes with preset business rules, automated processes and notifications, distributed reports and alerts

Improve Customer Experience, Acquisition & Retention

  • Maintain full customer records and provide access to only those authorized to do so with Role-Based Permissions and complete data security
  • Integrate with any CRM using our robust, rich API
  • Improve customer experience by responding to their needs with speed using an agile, dynamic and fully customizable business process optimization solution
  • Automatically generate notifications, customer applications and requests at speeds never experienced before
  • Increase field customer service standards with full Mobile access, controlling work away from base in full compliance with your business procedures and rules

Revenue Risk Management & Optimization

  • Reduce the risk of cost overruns through standardization of core processes and establishing customer responsiveness through continuous improvement of customer-driven processes
  • Quickly and easily optimize organization-wide business processes and enterprise workflows, across all departments, functional units and organizational siloes
  • Consolidate data, systems and business processes on to one, scalable, international BPM platform with an easy-to-use user-interface
  • Gain true visibility into workflows and operational processes in Real-Time and enjoy customized reporting and automatic compilation and distribution to manage financial risk
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