BPM for Government

Government is a very heavily process driven environment, with constant demands to improve performance and reduce spending – doing more with less – but without sacrificing quality of services or requiring massive capital expenditures.

HighGear’s BPM for Government solution delivers core process management functionality for far less than traditional BPMS’, and deploys in exceptionally short timeframes. Even the most bureaucratic, paper-based department can enjoy significant and immediate benefits within weeks of deployment.

HighGear provides On-Premises or SaaS cloud-based Lean BPM, allowing for unification of systems and information, and creating a truly collaborative partnership amongst people, systems, assets and resources, and Government itself.

Case Management

Agency goals benefit from enforcement of case management procedures and preset policies.

Case management access is improved with faster and simpler collation and access of all information no matter which system it is stored on or generated by.

True, social collaboration facilitates information and knowledge sharing over a secure, yet easy-to-use User Interface.

Gain full visibility into processes and workflows in real-time (real-time case management reporting) with full accountability for all work performed, no matter at what stage of the process or by whom.

Government Procurement

Enforce procurement approval procedures with automated workflows, following preset compliance policies and business rules, supported by enterprise task management.

Promote simplicity and eliminate complexity by using a single work platform which is FAR/DFAR compliant.

Collaborate with vendors by extending use of the BPMS platform in a controlled and secure fashion, providing visibility and control over the procurement process beyond the boundaries of your Agency.

Converge data and information from across your Agency onto one work platform, no matter how many systems you operate and use to generate information.

Gain a 360-view of the procurement process, with full accountability and total visibility for Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) and Agency expenditure.

Grant Application, Awards and Management

Eliminate all non-essential paper, yet still enjoy a full audit trail and non-repudiable compliance record with enterprise task management, automated workflows and business processes following preset business and compliance rules.

Mobile allows secure access, letting staff and clients work with grant applications anywhere, anytime and on any authorized device.

Increase grant processing speed with automation of the processes and workflows associated with the application, review and approval of grants.

Improve data accessibility and security with role-based permissions, Contact Visibility Control, state-of-the-art security, and all access via one work platform no matter where data has been generated.

Enjoy resource utilization and time cost control with granular dashboards and reporting, including real-time, on individual, team, departmental and organizational performance. Identify and avoid bottlenecks, and ensure work is allocated evenly and effectively.

Infrastructure Management

Gain full visibility into state of infrastructure, including critical and routine maintenance requirements.

Full accountability on decision-making on all assets, including critical infrastructure.

Simplify and streamline management and maintenance of infrastructure.

Reduce costs and gain full visibility into the full cost of incurring/deferring expenditures.

Improve effectiveness and utilization of Government infrastructure by ensuring all assets are tracked, utilization measured, and generate hard data to justify budget decision-making.

Emergency Services & Incident Management

Accelerate response times by automating critical processes and generating true collaboration between people, systems, processes and information wherever they are located.

Consolidate and simplify incident reporting with one work platform used to input case information, while automatically creating and distributing reports customized for each recipient individual, department of Agency.

Intercept and capture incident reports from multiple channels, including email, Mobile, traditional and Social Media.

Real-time incident tracking delivers enhanced situational awareness, while social communication and centralized information access allows for full collaboration.

Reporting and predictive analytics provide insight into incident patterns and actionable recommendations for future action.

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