BPM for Insurance

Complexity reigns in the insurance niche through a maelstrom of legislation, regulation, and a customer base which substitutes insurance products as easily as buying a different brand of milk. Maintaining relevancy in a hyper-competitive market, while ensuring compliance and customer service processes are continuously replicated to preset standards is a major challenge that HighGear solves.

HighGear shows insurers who needs to do what, who they are doing it for, and by when it needs to be completed, with complete visibility throughout the process, full accountability and a non-repudiable compliance record.

HighGear empowers insurers to automate and standardize workflows and processes, and ultimately, to deliver continuous improvement to optimize for maximum performance and standards.


  • Automate and standardize underwriting on best practices and increase productivity at the same time.
  • Reduce and control risk with total visibility into the underwriting process from start to finish.
  • Speed time to market by creating new underwriting processes as required in far less time, far less cost and without the need for IT input or specialist coding and development skills.
  • Minimize errors by automating processes and workflows, with full enforcement of business rules and compliance procedures, secure data management, and backed by a non-repudiable compliance log and audit trail.
  • Increase profitability by increasing productivity, reducing cost and continuously improving underwriting processes.


  • Drive more sales and increase unit value by delivering relevant customer information to whoever needs it, wherever they are, securely and immediately.
  • Customer analytics deliver and identify upsell and renewal sales opportunities automatically.
  • Obtain a 360-degree view on your customers and their needs, with complete visibility into the sales process from initial contact to completed initial sale and repeat sales.
  • A fully Mobile solution delivered via web browser using any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • Achieve full collaboration and convergence of people, processes and resources by unifying on a single work platform.

Policy Administration

  • Reduce and eliminate time wastage by unifying all production elements on a single, work platform.
  • Achieve enhanced levels of consistency by standardized and fully automated administration processes.
  • Deliver effective two-way communication between HQ and branches, and branches and field staff with a fully Mobile solution available anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Achieve full regulatory compliance with a full audit trail and non-repudiable compliance log recording every input in the system, recorded wherever the change is made, including time stamping and user identification.
  • Become truly agile and immediately address any process changes required for short, medium and long-term market developments and customer demands.

Insurance Claims Management

  • Dramatically increase customer satisfaction and speed up claims resolution.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry – enter data once and have it replicated automatically across the entire system, including legacy applications.
  • Scale as required and wherever it is needed.
  • Detect fraud quickly with deep analytics, automated alerts and distributed notifications.
  • Become fully Mobile and address policyholders needs on the spot with access to all relevant information, securely, wherever, whenever and on any device.

Insurance Risk, Fraud & Compliance

  • Mitigate and control risk with fully automated processes and workflows which can be continuously improved and optimized.
  • Achieve full regulatory and internal compliance as a natural by-product of automated business processes and automation.
  • Embrace compliance and governance with rule-based workflows and enterprise task management, which require full compliance with pre-set business rules and procedures.
  • Enjoy full system uptime of all critical systems by modernizing and future-proofing infrastructure technology.
  • Full visibility into all activities, business processes and workflows down to the most granular level with real-time reporting and alerts, Business Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring.
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