BPM for Retail

How can you exceed customer expectations again and again? Consistently repeat great customer experiences, engage and unify all of your people, processes and technology, while reducing costs and improving retail performance and profitability. HighGear’s Lean BPM for Retail delivers the power of collaboration and core Business Process Management functionality directly into your hands.

Retail is exceptionally competitive, and constantly changing to meet the demands of customers whose tastes change daily. How do you deliver a great customer service again and again, across your entire operation? HighGear provides a Lean BPM solution which is fully customizable and simple to use, and is already successfully deployed with several retail operations around the world.

Inventory Management

  • Reduce the need for manual stock checks with automated stock control and enterprise task management.
  • Automate inventory management with fully Mobile, web-based updates delivered in real-time from across all stores and locations.
  • 360 visibility on all individual products and lines with information on any product instantly available no matter where that information may reside, all securely accessed through one, unified work platform.
  • Enjoy a fully Mobile experience with information and interaction available anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Improve productivity through instant, secure access to all relevant information and data in real-time.
  • Real-time stock inventory updates as purchases are made no matter what channel: e-commerce, offsite ordering or in-store purchasing.

Customer Service

  • Improve and maintain great customer experience with easily replicated, predictable outcomes that allow a customer to buy what they want, when they want it and how they want.
  • Gain a 360 view of your customers with a centralized record of all customer information no matter which systems it resides in, or which system collects the data.
  • Increase contact center performance with a unified work platform that brings together all systems and data, including legacy applications and systems.
  • Be responsive to customer demands and needs with a truly agile process platform that allows you to create and modify workflows and retail business processes on-the-fly.
  • Provide a fully Mobile work platform that staff and customers can engage with anywhere, anytime and on any device in a fully secure manner.

Store Management

  • Create 2-way communications between HQ and individual stores, gain instant feedback on promotions and initiatives.
  • Enjoy streamlined store inspections with a fully Mobile BPM for Retail solution.
  • Fully automated financial processes optimize performance and increase profitability, while reducing human error and fraud, and drastically reducing the compliance burden.
  • Provide real-time access to store conditions and performance to anyone within the entire organization.
  • Speed up incident resolution with social collaboration and integrated retail processes.
    Avoid running out of stock on popular product lines with automated alerts and notifications providing ahead-of-time warnings or automated re-ordering.

Marketing & Promotion

  • Optimize marketing performance with automation of critical retail processes, predictive analytics and Business Activity Monitoring.
  • Engage with your customers across all channels, including Mobile, Social Media, email and telephone as well as in-store.
  • Gain instant real-time feedback on in-store promotions with full, social collaboration and bi-lateral communication.
  • Gain visibility to all your data in real-time, no matter where the information is stored or whatever system collects it, including legacy systems.
  • Enjoy automated reporting and alert notification, with reports distributed automatically, either on hitting a checkpoint, a recurring interval or exceptional event.
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