BPM for Transportation

Your business must stay on the move, quite literally, no matter happens and time is never on your side and Lean BPM allows you to enjoy full flexibility, standardized workflows and automated processes to keep you moving.

HighGear drives your business wherever you need it to go, with a fully Mobile BPM solution that enforces standards and schedules, optimizes processes on the fly, saves time, eliminates human error and automatically notifies you when checkpoints and deadlines are approaching, and provides actionable business intelligence.

Fleet Management

  • Real-time visibility into all assets with reporting from across all systems in your organization viewable through one, unified work platform.
  • Continuously improve and optimize business processes, while eliminating wasted time and resources by automating problem resolution.
  • Converge and unify information from across the organization, no matter where it resides and including from within legacy systems, securely accessible through one work platform.
  • Centralize records and data, thereby creating a knowledge bank with search functionality.
  • Scale as required and at speed never experienced before with a flexible, fully-customizable BPM platform.

Incident Management

  • Manage incident events and cases effectively with a unified work platform which consolidates records and information from across the organization via one interface.
  • Instantly capture incident reports from across all channels including Mobile, social, email and traditional media.
  • Respond faster with automated business processes and automated workflows which bring together your people, processes and systems no matter what technology and devices are employed.
  • Achieve real-time awareness of issues with incident tracking and social collaboration providing total visibility as the incident occurs.
  • Predictive analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) provide the ability to identify the cause and nature of common issues, predict future incidents and identify patterns.

Compliance & Safety

  • Improve safety by integrating BPM technology with existing systems and dramatically improve process standardization and reduce incidents.
  • Automatic incident monitoring and critical event notification with smart agents.
  • Continuously improve and optimize safety performance with real-time analytics and Business Activity Monitoring.
  • Achieve full compliance, one-click auditing and reporting as a natural consequence of workflow and process automation with enforced procedures and pre-set business rules.
  • Demonstrate compliance with internal and regulatory rules, with a full audit trail and non-repudiable compliance log, securely accessible with one-click or instantly distributed at pre-selected intervals.
  • Improve control and governance using enterprise task management and pre-set business rules.
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