Sometimes, HighGear’s database queries time out because of other activity that is slowing down the database server. When this happens, HighGear software can gather information about the other activity on the server so that our support team can analyze it for problems. However, it cannot gather this information unless it is given access to the database server’s state. To give HighGear permission to gather this information, follow these steps:

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database server as a server administrator.
  • Find the name of the HighGear database admin account. This is usually HighGear_Admin.
  • Open a new query window.
  • Run this command: GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE TO HighGear_Admin
    (replace HighGear_Admin with the correct username)

Once this permission is granted, you can close SQL Server Management Studio. The next time a timeout error happens, HighGear software will gather the information that it needs and send it to our support team.

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