Once each day, HighGear software sends an email to each user who has due or overdue jobs, to remind them that they need to complete those jobs. By default, it sends these emails at midnight. However, administrators have the ability to change the time of day that these emails are sent.

To change this setting, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your HighGear program directory (usually, c:\Program Files\HighGear X5)
  2. Open the settings.xml file in a text editor.
  3. Find the section called <GlobalSettings>
  4. In that section, find the setting called <SendOverDueNotifications>. This setting accepts time values in the form HH:MM, where HH is a number from 0 to 23, and MM is a number from 0 to 59.
  5. Change the setting’s value to the time that you would like to send the notification emails (for example, 04:00 would cause HighGear to send the notifications at four in the morning, while 15:30 would be 3:30 in the afternoon).
  6. Save the file.

For information about the other settings in the <GlobalSettings> section, refer to How To: Change the time of day that HighGear recalculates the indexes for its database and How To: Fix timeout errors when reindexing the HighGear database.

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