SQL Server Express is the free version of Microsoft SQL Server. It has all the functionality of the full version of SQL Server, but it is limited to 10GB of data, one CPU core, and 1GB of RAM. Also, it does not include support for scheduled database backups and maintenance. These limitations are acceptable for small teams, but we do not recommend SQL Server Express for teams larger than 25 people.

To install SQL Server Express for a HighGear server, follow these steps:

  1. Download SQL Server Express with Management Tools from here.
  2. Run the installer on your server. If the installer displays a message saying that you must install a new version of the .NET Framework or Windows Installer, close the installer and install those components.
  3. Once the SQL Server Express installer runs, you will see a window called SQL Server Installation Center. Make sure you are in the Installation section of that window.
  4. Click the link labeled “New installation or add features to an existing installation.”
  5. When the License Terms window appears, check the “I accept” box and click Next.
  6. If any setup prerequisites are found to be missing, click the Install button to install them.
  7. If the Setup Support Rules screen is displayed, check to see if any requirements failed.
  8. If PowerShell is listed as not installed, install it.
    1. For Windows 2008, open the Server Manager tool and use the Add a Feature screen to enable PowerShell.
    2. For earlier versions of Windows, download PowerShell from here.
    3. Once PowerShell is installed, repeat steps 3-7.
  9. At the Feature Selection screen, make sure that the following features are checked, and then click Next.
    1. Database Engine Services
    2. Management Tools – Basic
    3. SQL Client Connectivity SDK
  10. At the Instance Configuration screen, choose Default Instance, and click Next.
  11. At the Server Configuration screen, select either Network Service or Local Service as the account name to use for the SQL Server Database Engine.
  12. At the Database Engine Configuration screen, select Mixed Mode authentication, and enter a password for the system administrator account. Record this password in a secure location; you will need it when you install HighGear.
  13. Click Next until you reach the end of the installation process. Wait for the installation to complete, and then click Close.
  14. Open the Start Menu, and go to Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 | Configuration Tools | SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  15. In the left side of the window, expand SQL Server Network Configuration, and click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER.
  16. In the right side of the window, enable the following protocols:
    1. Shared Memory
    2. Named Pipes
    3. TCP/IP
  17. In the left side of the window, expand SQL Native Client 10.0 Configuration, and click Client Protocols.
  18. In the right side of the window, enable the same protocols that were listed in step 16.
  19. Close the configuration manager.
  20. If your database server is on a different machine than your web server, open the Windows Firewall control panel, and add an exception to allow inbound connections on TCP port 1433.

Once these steps are done, follow the instructions on this page to install HighGear.

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